Once With Feeling

I found this wedding and immediately emailed the Bride asking if I could feature it…I have never known so much detail to be put into flickr notes! It’s great though and I highly recommend a good old read, particularly if you are planning your own semi-traditional, budget, eco, backyard wedding.  I particularly love this entry…
The Pineapple has been a symbol of hospitality for centuries. According to legend, captains of New England ships would mount a pineapple on their fence posts when they had a safe return from sea. This served as an invitation for family & friends to visit and share a meal together. That was our plan!

The Bride even wore her mother’s dress from 1974..and it’s gorgeous on her! Even if I had wanted to do this I wouldn’t have been able to – my Mum was a ballet dancer as a young woman and literally about half the size of me!

Anyway enjoy these photographs, I know you will…and be sure to check out Charlie’s blog too!

Credit: Aga Images via Chic Cyclist


  1. As mother of the bride and an active participant in the preparations (all the flowers), I can say that the wedding was exquisite in the many personal details and the loving participation of many family members.

    My two favorites I think were the photo wedding timeline hung from a clotheline between two trees – showing family wedding photographs going back about a hundred years — and the personal notes written by the bride and groom on the individual menus – so much more than a placecard!

    The ceramic birds topping the wedding cake were a wedding gift I received over thirty years ago from close friends of my grandparents and have always been a treasure because they took the time to care.

    The dress was old fashioned enough that the buttons were really functional – no hidden zipper. It took us a while to get Charlotte properly in that dress. We added custom embroidered wedding gown labels with the names and dates of both weddings for the gown.

    Charlotte’s “maid of honor” was her horse “Fancy” and the minister quipped that it was the first wedding where the maid of honor wore no clothes.

    The mother of the groom worked tirelessly to prepare the backyard and worked closely with Charlotte to fine tune the menu and prepare the feast. Charlotte’s sister tended to Fancy after her wedding duties were done. Her brother managed the late night bon fire.

    It was a lovely and very personal wedding.

  2. Post author

    Sounds amazing. I just love how personal the whole wedding seems..truely inspiring! Thanks for the comment!


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