Makes The Ordinary Look Stunning

Great quote huh? Well that’s what Adriene said to me when she send me these fabulous TTV images from a recent same sex wedding she shot.  TTV stands for “Through The Viewfinder” and gives images a vintage, Polaroid-esque look to them.  For more info on TTV clicky here.
Is is also a spooky coincidence that I featured another TTV wedding today, Weird…

These guys are both artists from London who love to surf and so choose to get hitched at Ocean Beach, California, because of the cliffs and the view of the ocean. They asked Adriene to do what she do best and asked her not to do anything traditional which of course made her very happy and resulted in these wonderful images.

Credit: Adriene Hughes


  1. Post author

    oh how could i forget! i will have to change this post now..thats just rude of me to forget sorrieee!

  2. oh, Kat, not Rude! You have profiled hundreds & hundreds of weddings. You can’t remember every detail about all of them! BTW, you have a following on one of the wedding photography groups on flickr. All of the photographers loooove ya!


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