Arizona Knows Rock ‘n Roll

David Mielcarek of Project Mad Love was lucky enough to shoot this rock ‘n roll Arizona wedding.  Tiff & David are a particularly rockin’ couple as Tiff works for a radio station and David (as in the Groom not the photographer) has been a drummer all his life. I love these guys, they are totally gorgeous and isn’t their wedding location just amazing?!

A huge thank you to Rosalie for sending these to me, and to David M for sending me all the info about this awesome day!


  1. These shots are amazing! Every time I look at them I still can’t help but smile. I was one of the only guests at this wedding, David (the photographer) was the other, and everyone had THE time of their lives. These shots were perfect for the location and Dave & Tiff. It all fit so beautifully!


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