Pink Flamingos!

March 19, 2009

I promised you I had more of Cameron Ingalls’ photography to share with you, and this wedding is sure not to disappoint.  From the pink parasol to the Martha Stewart pom poms and the pink flamingos(!), there’s nothing about this wedding I don’t absolutely adore!
There’s a little bit of Holga love in there too..I know some of you are massive fans…

For more clicky here and here

Credit: Cameron Ingalls


  1. Angela

    Oh my goodness, this is beautiful! Carrie, I adore the cake and your necklace! Can you please tell me where you had your necklace made, it is beautiful! Would have looked perfect at my wedding too! 🙂

  2. This is so effin gorgeous! I thought I would never want to get married again but this feature totes makes me wanna. What an awesome dress – and I love the bridesmaids dresses! I die…

  3. Alex Williams

    @Angela the necklace is made by a by bete noire on She did me some tattoo glitter heart ratings for my wedding.

  4. Alex Williams

    Fab wedding, same theme I had polka dots and 1950s. Except my bridesmaids was black band white. Bride looks amazing! …And a fellow Brummie! Xxx

  5. Kelly Jinks

    This is amazing!! However I am slightly bias as my wedding coming this July will be very similar! So fabulous taste!

  6. Samantha Thomsen

    Fabulous!!! Nothing more to say really just wished I’d been there to enjoy your special day Carrie xx

  7. WOWSERS. I love the 50s, just love them. So many cool things, polka dots, fringes, very flattering cuts on the dresses, awesome clothes, and fabby music. Nice to see such great attention and such a strong theme throughout. What a fabulous day. xx

  8. Angela

    Thank you so much Carrie! 🙂 I have now ordered some items from the lovely Bete Noire, her stuff is beautiful! 🙂 Beautiful wedding, thanks so much for sharing! x

  9. Such a sweet looking couple and clearly so much thought into the details and style of the day. Beautifully captured!

  10. Patrice rice

    Beautiful…..One question are those tattoos on your legs ? Or are they nylons that say love ??? If nylons can you please let me know where you got them.. thank you

  11. Melanie Donohoe

    What a gorgeous wedding, love the dress, shoes , the brides hair is fabulous and the decor was lovely. Definitely the sortbof wedding I would like.

  12. Sabrina Kamara

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful day and picture perfect style. It has been super helpful for me as I plan my own vintage 1940s wedding. May you live happily ever after.

  13. Lizzie Crumbleholme

    I’ve fell in love with a dress on the honeypie boutique. Are they Good? Any tips ordering with them? Thanks

  14. Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous wedding! You have no idea how much it inspired my own wedding back in May 2014! Even though I thought I was doing almost a copycat wedding, my interpretations somehow became different and unique to our own style. I celebrated on a party canal barge, so it was bound to be different, but at least my poor sister/maid of honour finally got decisions on style and content to work on, thanks to this inspirational article. Thank you for helping me organise the best day of my life!X


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