A Leopard Printed, Lollipopped, Snowy Wedding Day

March 9, 2009

Don’t you just love these lollipop bouquets and centrepieces? But is it just me and my dirty mind, or do the long, centrepiece lollipops look like..well…you know where I’m going with this right?
Hope you enjoy this rockabilly wedding details…

Credit: KristinSpickerman


  1. keeley

    Gorgeous. Love the bride’s hair and her whole style in fact. . . (She’s got same hair & shoes as me ! 😉 ) x

  2. Sarah B

    How gorgeous is the bride?! Personally I think this kicks the crap out of plastic 20 grand weddings x

  3. I lve the energy and the fun of your photos :)The second pictures, the one they are in front of the fountain is amazing.

  4. Absolute gorgeous-ness! LOVE IT! The brides hair color is fantastic — anyone know how I can get my hair that color?

  5. Kimberley clipper

    Laura and zack I’m once again letting u know how happy i am for you both .love u boyb so much!! Aunty kim


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