The Thirteen Year Wait

February 5, 2009

This fantastic wedding was sent to me today by the photographer, Tom Filipkowski (I urge you to check out his site for some non-wedding related awesomeness) and <shock horror!> it’s another vow renewal..but I totally forgive this one because the couple’s story is so so sooo lovely and the photographs really really rock!

The couple were actually married 13 years ago (therefore in my eyes this renewal is in the non-lame category) but in their own words, ‘It was lame.’  They got married in a courthouse, had no real ceremony and no photographs – I feel its only fair they got to do it all over again…oh and you want some added awesomeness?  They planned the whole thing in just 2 weeks and the dress was from a charity shop and cost just $20!

Just soak these up and prepare to be just a little bit in awe…

Credit: Tom Flip & Flickr


  1. Awww so pretty, I love Whitstable so much ( but then it is my home town so I would) such an amazing place to live it’s just buzzing and often walk past that house so charming! x

  2. Wowzas! This is such a cool couple. I love their attitude towards wedding planning. It’s great to be reminded about the most important things about the day, it’s so easy to forget when you obsess on the details. And I love love whitstable! Gorgeous photos too. 3 weeks you say? Really? Amazing!


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