Spanish Bride

I’m afraid the website I found this gorgeousness on is in Spanish (I think!) so I can’t actually tell you anything about this stunning day/Bride but let me just do what I do best and share the photographs!  If anyone can shed some light, don’t be shy…

Credit: Daniela Picoral via Casando Ideias


  1. Hi, Kat! Fernanda and Danilo are Brazilian and their beautiful wedding was a mix between Indian, Brazilian and Jewish cultures, as written by their photographer, Daniela Picoral, on her blog. Fernanda’s beautiful dress was designed by Martha Medeiros, a Brazilian designer, and it was made with Brazilian Renascença lace, handmade by artisans from the Northeast of our country.

    Hope that helps! 😀

  2. Post author

    Thank you so much for that info. I am been ibsessed with your blog recently, ive been going through every single post – it’s taking ages!


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