Julie and Dan A La David McNeil

January 16, 2009

Regular readers will know I am all about David McNeil’s fabulous wedding photography, I can’t help but feature his weddings all the time!

Julie and Dan’s wedding took place in November and David was there to capture all these beautiful images.  If you’re a UK Bride and you’re still looking for a photographer, I can’t recommend David enough – he is totally professional, innovative, wonderful to work with and you will come out with some amazing snaps!  He loves to shoot weddings, engagements, bridal shoots and even boudoir photographs so go check him out…like now!

Credit: David M McNeil

Ps He’s just put a lovely post on his blog about little old me too – woohoo!


  1. Such beautiful photos – and I love the fact that they look natural and you are both so happy and smiling. These are the kind of pictures I would really love showing to my grandchildren when I am all wrinkly and old!

  2. Ivy Smth

    My grandparents also lived at Portobello farm, Chesham in the 1930s, I also have fond memories of the farm.


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