A Crazy Carnival Wedding: Dustin & Tara

Well who doesn’t love a carnival? Exactly… no one. Hence why I’m super excited to share Dustin & Tara’s epic adaption of a traditional carnival theme into a totally non-traditional wedding.

The couple were married at home. They transformed their own backyard into the perfect carnival setting. They had a kissing booth ‘altar’, a bouncy castle for the kids (and big kids), a bell ringer, a snow cone machine, a popcorn machine and a photo booth! There was a paddling pool filled with rubber ducks and big carnival-style posters for everyone to take home with them. Carnival-style round lights were strung all around the garden and big wooden picnic benches, bales of hay and over 200 balloons decorated the space. They served old fashioned sodas and grilled hot dogs with tons of beer and cocktails. Even most of the guests dressed up to fit in with the theme. “We had a lion, a lion tamer, a ring master, someone on stilts and a ton of top hats and mustaches”, Tara explained.

“Our wedding and the events leading up to and directly after it were all beyond ridiculous”, Tara continued. “To start with at the bachelor/bachelorette party, a friend got arrested. Then, the day of the wedding, the cops came again… then during the wedding after party (at like 3am) our friends thought the bounce house was a good place to make whoopie (well who wouldn’t?) and our neighbor caught them!”

“We got married in our backyard in good old Salt Lake City. We walked out to a Beats Antique song that is carnival sounding and a little bit creepy. The friend who was supposed to marry us had been waiting on his ordainment documents for a while, and with only a week to go, we were getting a little worried. We ended up asking my boss to do it last minute, because we knew she was ordained. She said she was happy to do it, and even dressed up as a ring master! Whip and all… She did a Celtic handfasting ceremony that she modified to fit in with the theme of the wedding. It was perfect.”

As the ceremony turned into the reception, the non-traditional elements continued. Instead of a wedding cake the couple opted for a doughnut tower and instead of an elegant wedding breakfast they had a buffet and a pie eating contest… as you do! “We were not into the idea of having a wedding cake, partially because neither my husband nor I like cake that much, plus I really wanted a cake made of tickets. I’d see the idea on a wedding blog and loved it. So, my husband and I ended up going on a great adventure one day, specifically to find delicious donuts. We ended up ordering a bunch of really, really yummy old-fashioned and chocolate cake donuts at a little donut shop called Donut and Deli and then about 6 different flavors of gourmet donuts from a place called Beyond Glaze. The flavors we had included chocolate bacon, maple bacon, peanut butter & jelly, blueberry pie and strawberry smoothie. They were so good. So good that when the cops were called on us at 10:05pm (because of the noise – whoops!) my husband offered the donuts to the police, and tempted them with bacon donuts! They were really nice consider