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Colourful, Eclectic Victorian Bath Wedding with a Kids’ Party Theme

Where do we even begin with Bobbi and Graham’s wedding? The venue being an old Victorian baths? The amazing bridesmaids dresses in that gorgeous bright colour palette? The living room are that served as a top table and giant servings of paella made freshly in front of you? The space hoppers and garden games? All of it!?

They described their wedding as ‘a fun and colourful kids party’ (which is the best description everrrrr): “Fun and photographs were the inspiration – we printed out hundreds of photos to hang up around the venue and they just reminded us of all the adventures and fun we’ve had along the way, and all our friends and family that have helped make amazing memories. We just wanted a day that captured that really.” They also made for a great conversation piece amongst their guests.

Their venue, the Victoria Baths in Manchester, was the perfect space for their wedding. Not only did they have three swimming pools to use as they wished (empty, obviously), but they also had the gorgeous Turkish baths, balconies and changing rooms at their disposal, all set up with gorgeous green tiles and stained glass windows. Bobbi and Graham used each space to their advantage, with a ceremony area in one pool, reception tables in another, and garden games too, all following the colourful and eclectic decor theme. It also made for the most amazing portraits when they went to explore with their photographer, Shot by Amy, after the ceremony.

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Music Inspired Winter Wedding with an Alternative Church Ceremony!

Music holds a special place in Katie and Darren’s heart – both musicians, Darren proposed at the gig of one of their favourite bands, and were introduced through musical friends. They’ve always liked to do things a little differently, and so it was obvious from the start that their wedding wouldn’t be predictable. Darren kicked off eschewing the norm when he wrote ‘yes!’ on Katie’s finger with a Sharpie instead of giving her a ring after he proposed!

Though inspired by the things they both love – music, fun and creativity – the overarching theme for their wedding was the love they have for their friends and family. “It was so important to us to be able to show everyone in our lives how much they mean to us,” said Katie,  “so all our decisions came from a place of making sure they had a fun and easy time.” They chose December 29th for their wedding as they knew everybody would already probably have time off work, their venue was chosen as it was the closest proximity to most of their friends and family with loads of affordable accommodation options and they employed the creative talents of their nearest and dearest to fill their vendor list wherever possible. “It sounds cheesy, but we chose everything thinking that if our guests would be happy with it, we would be happy with it!”

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Cool, Intimate Garden Wedding… with Dark Witchy Vibes!

Yuta and Artyom met when Artyom was tattooed at the studio Yuta works out of. A few sessions under the needle later, they started talking and, as they say, one thing led to another and the rest is history!

They were married in an intimate garden ceremony at Cultura, Tel Aviv, with a reception for close family and friends in the beautiful yard straight after. Their ceremony was performed by Yuta’s good friend and mentor, and continued with a song from another friend that she’d written especially for the couple in Hebrew!

The wooden deck and foliage walls contrasting with the open Tel Aviv skyline made for an personal yet urban setting that really captured the atmosphere the couple wanted from their big day.

Most of their guests were young tattooed people, many working as tattoo artists themselves, so their wedding party looked especially cool. In fact their favourite part of their day was letting loose after the formalities and dancing with their friends. “After the responsibilities of the evening had passed, we were just surrounded by people who loved us and had come to celebrate our love,” explained Yuta. “It was such a great feeling.”

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Brooklyn City Wedding with 1000 Balloons and Green Bridal Jumpsuit

Jamie and Charles are my heroes. And you can easily see why – they wanted their day to feel less like a wedding and more like a bright and colourful party. Set against the backdrop of the coolest city in the world – good old New York City – may I present to you the coolest couple ever…

Jamie looked the epitome of city chic in her emerald Two Birds Jumpsuit, which she wore with rose gold block heels and rings borrowed from both of her grandmas that covered her something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. She also had a floral leather jacket which she’d customised herself for the big day. Charles also looked effortlessly cool in a suit from Suitsupply and cufflinks engraved with the moons on the day they met and their wedding day (what an amazing idea!) They also got matching tattoos before the day – love love LOVE!

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Colourful & Casual September Wedding

Colourful & Casual September Wedding (17)

Amy and Patrick had a very short engagement; they decided in April that they would get married in September! They wanted their wedding to reflect who they are, to be at a beautiful venue, and have amazing food and great music. It was also important to them that it was a relaxed, casual day that included all their guests. They decided to source and plan it all themselves, to make it truly reflect ‘them’, which also meant they could tweak things and push more money into the ‘guest experience’.

Colourful & Casual September Wedding (5)

The wedding was held at The Grounds of Alexandria, a garden event space in Sydney that was the perfect backdrop to their casual celebration.  “As both our fathers are deceased, Patrick and his mother walked down the aisle to Salt Strings Quartet playing Coldplay’s Viva La Vida before I walked down the aisle with my mum to Lady Gaga’s Poker Face“, explained Amy. “During the exchanging of vows, Goldy Horn, the goat at the grounds, decided to jump up on the fence and also witness what was going on!”

Colourful & Casual September Wedding (8)

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Batman, Fish & Beards – A Party-Hard Nightclub Wedding: Dustin & Morgan

You’d be shocked at the number of emails I recieve from brides-to-be who tell me they love my site and the weddings I feature but that they’re worried that their wedding will somehow not ‘measure up’ or be ‘as cool’ as the weddings they see online. My response to these girls is always the same: your wedding is not a ‘coolness’ competition or a chance to show off. Your wedding is for you and your partner and it will be awesome because you are awesome. The love is the most important thing, not the amazing centrepieces, the quirky stationery or the beautiful dress. These things are meant to enhance your day for you, to be fun and exciting, they do not and will not define anything other than that.

So why did I want to mention that again today? Well Dustin & Morgan’s wedding is pretty much the epitome of Rock n Roll awesome. It wasn’t detail-heavy or wedding blog pretty – it was just a seriously awesome party! It celebrated their love in their way and they were 100% unapologetic about that fact… And you know what? It’s one of my favourite weddings that’s I’ve featured in a long time! So, forget about the bunting, the mason jars or the designer frock and focus on what’s important – the LOVE (and in this case, the dancing)…

The wedding was held at The Hideout, Chicago and the aim of the game was for the couple to throw a party that reflected them and their love. It wasn’t about the froof or the perfectly matching napkins, it was about celebrating! “I don’t really know what our inspiration was, ” Morgan told me. “We just did what we always do. We came up with the stupidest thing we could think of and make it exist…just like our marriage haha!”

“If we had to have a theme it would have been BATMAN FISH-BEARD! All the wall decorations were cassette tapes. Dustin had a big box of voice demo tapes from the 90s that he had somehow acquired. We decorated and hung them on the walls of The Hideout. When you pull out a tape’s guts it looks like streamers. Also we put felt beards on all the taxidermy fish at that were on the walls… As you do.”

“Our cake toppers were Batman and Clayface Mini-Mates. I glued some flowers to Clayface and gave him a bouquet, and Zoe (who also did my hair and make up) painted a tux on Batman. My friend Jamie Knight painted a portrait of the two that hung behind the desserts. Why Batman? Why Clayface? Batman was a given, as Dustin Drase is the worlds greatest detective, But I had trouble choosing the character that was most ‘me’. Unable to make a decision I just went with the big, fat, mud-monster as ‘big, fat, mud-monster’ is my spirit animal.”

“For our invites we had my sister combine my narwhale tattoo with Dustin’s beard and glasses to create a design we used on both the invites and the shot glasses. The shot glasses were used in our Malort Toast. Malort is magic. Malort can not be described. You should find some and drink some and take a picture of your face and send it to me. We also had smile-face cookies!”

Yep, it’s offical. I love these guys. Morgan’s closing statement made me want to hug her and squeeze her and tell he she made me whole, “I can teach you how to make hair flowers, the tape decorations, or how to fit a taxidermy fish with a felt beard,” she concluded. “However I cannot teach you how to love… I’m sorry.”

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