An Autumnal Southwestern Mountain Elopement

Frankie Gomez Photography

October 27, 2022

Easter and Carlos had a $5000 budget, but because they chose to elope (with their two besties as witnesses) that was plenty. They hired an AirBnB to stay in, booked their officiant and photographer and that was that. Keeping things simple and stress-free was really important to them both.

“We took inspiration from YouTubers Hailey and Bryce Miller’s small wedding as well as the southwestern style of clothing and its natural land”, said Easter. “We are both introverted so we really stuck to our guns in making sure we did exactly what we knew we wanted. This meant keeping the day about us and as lowkey as possible. It did mean we didn’t invite family or even let them know we were getting married!”

Marrying in October meant it was very cold on the mountain, but the wrapped up warm and said their vows in the most beautiful natural setting, “Although it was immensely cold, it was so peaceful, “the bride continued. “It was just us two, our two witnesses, our officiant, and our three awesome guys from Frankie Gomez Photography on the top of this mountain in a wide open field surrounded by trees and the gorgeous Brazos Cliffs. There were just a couple of cars filled with on-lookers because our ceremony spot is actually a road stop. Our vows were so sweet and simple. Our officiant, Carrie, truly did the most phenomenal job writing a personable speech even quoting a childhood favourite, Mr. Rogers.”

After the ceremony they headed to a restaurant in Chama called Local where they ate pizza and drank beer. They then went back to the AirBnB and played Scrabble! “I had never planned something so monumental and life changing and it was just amazing to see everything come into fruition so beautifully”, the bride concluded. “It was my dream day come to life. From our experience, the wedding industry has been so kind to us. We have received nothing but love and kindness from all of our vendors. We wish we could do it again.”