Colourful & Super Fun, Vegan Wedding

Capture House Weddings

September 2, 2022

Wanting their wedding to be as ‘loud as they are’, Sam and Beth added colour wherever possible into their wedding to do precisely that. Armed with a £10,000 budget, they DIY’d their way through most of their wedding planning and adopted a ‘don’t ask, don’t get’ mentality when calling in favours and discounts on everything else.

Choosing Markshill Estate in Essex for their May wedding for its’ rustic and relaxed vibe, they saved money by marrying on a Tuesday and booked a ‘last minute’ deal, with only four months to plan the day!

“The time constraints were the worst part of wedding planning,” Sam told us. This was a blessing and a curse – on the upside it forced us to make decisions quickly and be super efficient but it did limit us with certain suppliers, especially certain bridal boutiques. But for the cost savings, it was DEFINITELY worth it!”

The brides turned their hands to making everything from the bows around the napkins to the paper lantern archway, the stationery to the confetti. Sam continued, “Our fave part was getting super creative doing all of the DIY stuff. The day before was our fave as we got to set it all up and see everything come together which is freaking awesome!”

The only regret the couple have is not looking into a more personal celebrant, but their vows were super emotional regardless. “A cute moment was our godson, Marshall, aged four, delivering the rings. Something funny was the registrar getting Sam’s middle name wrong and freezing.”

“It really was the best day of our lives and everything went just right for us. For future couples, know that wedding fairs are literally crazy but they give you a good idea of what you need/want and what isn’t for you! We definitely recommend going to one or two. Also, selecting suppliers you genuinely like is so important as they’re a part of your day and you want to have a laugh!”