Through Haunting: A Halloween Masquerade Wedding

Dark Roux

April 14, 2022

Jacci did not want to plan a wedding, but as a Disney event producer, she loves planning a fun event. Luke suggested throwing a fancy Halloween party in New Orleans, with friends dressing up for an evening masquerade over All Hallow’s Eve Weekend. 

They wanted their guests to feel completely at home attending their wedding, and used their actual home as inspiration for their day. Jacci explained, “One of our guests said that they had never been to a wedding before that felt like walking into someone’s house. We love a moody black, red and gold colour scheme and just really leaned into our favourite time of the year.”

With the Halloween theme firmly embedded in their celebration, they also wanted to incorporate their beliefs, as Jacci explained, “Our nuptial theme for our wedding was Through Haunting. We believe energy continues after passing and ‘Til Death felt final, so wanted to commit beyond that.”

Their friend became ordained so that he could perform the ceremony, and the couple’s vows focused on mutual respect and earthly elements. Jacci continued, “I wrote the ceremony script, including ‘Through their marriage, they will find protection and sanctuary as they journey through life, and through haunting, together’. Our rings exchange was a nod to vows from Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride. Luke’s step-mom read James Kavanaugh’s poem To Love is Not to Possess, and we lit a spell candle crafted at my favourite shop in Burbank, The Crooked Path.”

Music played a big part in the day, setting the tone for the masquerade celebration. “Our wedding party walked down the aisle to The Clowns by Bobby Tahouri, and our flower girl was sure to drop every single fall leaf from her basket ever so diligently. I walked down the aisle to Lala Lala by Cemetery Girls with my dad, who was pushed in his wheelchair by my beautiful mum. After being pronounced husband and wife, Lana Del Rey’s Season of the Witch played as we walked away from the alter together. We wanted the music to be upbeat and curious to set the tone for the night ahead.”

Jacci loved designing and planning their weekend, and saved money doing most things herself. They did choose to have a ‘day-of’ coordinator, who brought her vision to life and kept the day on track, whilst the couple enjoyed celebrating. She told us, “The best thing about planning our wedding was that it felt like a perfect combination of Luke and me – visually, and with all of the love in the room.”

“Plan the wedding of your dreams for yourself and your partner. You’ll likely run into a few surprises, and that’s OK. Take the opportunity to take stock of who shows up for you and surround your new union with these loved ones in the next chapter of your life together. Also, don’t skip out on the fog machine!”