Waterworld Themed Fancy Dress Wedding at Mardi Gras

Gris Gris Photography

October 14, 2020

Imagine having a wedding that felt NOTHING like a wedding. Well, you don’t have to just imagine because Brittany and Mason did just that when they wed in New Orleans in February!

Every year the couple make their own Mardi Gras costumes related to ‘The End Times’ and for this year’s part they decided their theme would be is WaterWorld… They loved the theme idea so much that they then decided it would be the perfect setting for a wedding ceremony too. They couldn’t imagine a better way for them to ‘tie the knot’ (boom boom!) than enjoying Mardi Gras with all the people they love.

Mason explains, “We planned the ceremony ourselves and got married in the street on Mardi Gras morning. We didn’t have an actual location picked out for our wedding ceremony that morning!”

“Our wedding attire was costumes which were all homemade so everything was a DIY project, We bought a sewing machine and learned how to sew our own accessories and clothes. The float and the planning was all DIY too.”

“We also had five days of Mardi Gras events leading up to the official ceremony! Most of which were self-catered and DIY. We loved that we were able to have a multiple day extravaganza with friends and family for a similar price of a traditional wedding.”

After the ceremony they hotfooted it to a local restaurant, Napoleon House, and out on a big catered spread for their guests. This was their biggest expense. “The best part of our wedding was that we were I working together to achieve a wonderfully unique experience for everybody”, Mason concluded. “Also, we definitely levelled up our craft game! There was a lot of stress brought on us by trying to predict the countless variables correlated with Mardi Gras. We knew we would just have to shoot from the hip on whatever was thrown at us. We could’ve never achieved as much as we did without the help of friends and family, which brought us all closer.”