Marie Antoinette meets Millennial Otaku Raver Themed Wedding at an Aquarium

Melissa Lauren Images

November 2, 2021

Kadie and Markus met at a local underground EDM night, so of course they had to bring some raver vibes to their June wedding day! “We were inspired by our hobbies, personal aesthetics, and the growth we made individually and together during our relationship,” the bride told us. “We didn’t have a theme as such, we just wanted things to be fun and feel magical. I was personally going for a Marie Antoinette meets millennial otaku raver vibe and aesthetic.”

Kadie discovered ‘hanayome hime lolita’, a Japanese street fashion genre, two years ago and it has been a hobby of hers to wear it ever since. She chose an outfit from My Lolita Dress for the occasion and her bridesmaids were in dresses from Devil Inspired, and one of them carried a teddy bear as a memorial for her younger brother who had recently passed.  “We were close,” Kadie explained, “and ‘Bear’ was the nickname given to him.”

Their ceremony was an early one – at 8am! – at the Florida Aquarium. Katie arrived in a horse drawn carriage with her sister and met the rest of the bridal party. The couple chose their favourite EDM songs to play during the ceremony; the guests were seated to Lost at Sea by Zedd and the wedding party walked in to The World is Our Playground by Mike Taylor. 

Kadie was walked down the aisle by her father to the song Two Thousand Miles by Zoe Vanwest, originally a happy hardcore track but the DJ made a more down tempo version for the couple especially for their wedding! They exchanged vows with Dana Caggia of Love Avows leading proceedings, and performed a wine blending ritual instead of lighting a unity candle as they felt it was more fitting to them as a couple. For their reception, they moved onto a sports bar where they enjoyed their usual hobbies like playing air hockey together.

“Rock n Roll Bride helped motivate my husband and I to stick with our not so traditional tastes and preferences when it came to our wedding despite the pressure to do otherwise,” Kadie concluded. “Dealing with unsolicited feedback from people who weren’t very open or understanding to alternative subcultures was difficult. We both faced pressure to drop our ideas and go more traditional routes. We’re glad we didn’t cave though, there was nothing we would have done differently. I’d advise future couples to go with their hearts!”