A Collision of Galaxies: Celestial Glam meets Bowie Inspired Wedding

Keira Hand Photography

November 30, 2021

Tom and Geneva have a metaphor for their relationship: ‘a collision of galaxies’. “We swirled around each other our whole lives,” the bride told us. “He played at the venue I stage managed and we had all the same friends, yet we don’t recall meeting until the time was right years later. Once our gravitational forces took over, we were inseparable; we started dating while I was working SXSW festival, which was crazy because I worked hours like 9am-2am that week, but I still wanted to see him after!”

They played up the star theme as much as they could for their July wedding day; from Geneva’s veil to her earrings, the stationery and the signage down to the ray guns for their grand exit photos. She knew she didn’t want a white wedding, either, so used blue a lot instead. 

A lot of the day they DIY’d themselves, or had help from friends – Geneva made 30 bouquets, 12 boutonnieres, 5 wrist corsages and decorated 52 tables, as well as spray painting wine bottles, made paper fans and lanterns, and all the signage – all with a newborn in tow! Their friend hung the star globes all over the ceiling of their venue, The Line in Austin. Geneva’s mum made their cake and another friend handled all the lighting, which helped keep costs down.

For their ceremony, they were keen for the symbolism of their closest friends and family having active roles in it, so a bunch of them did various readings. They wove Carl Sagan quotes in throughout, and they arranged a circular seating arrangement with the wedding party standing in the aisles so they were fully surrounded by their friends and families while they said their vows to one another. They also asked them to share their blessings during the ceremony, too.

As a project manager by trade, Geneva knows a thing or two about throwing events; though she does wish she’d sprung for a day-of co-ordinator so she could enjoy being in the spotlight for the day instead of managing it, instead. “Make your itinerary early and send it out to everyone,” she advises future couples. “Print off copies too. It was really helpful to have the whole weekend planned out by the minute. If you have errands, include travel time in between things, and pad the time slots so you don’t overbook anything. Everything will take longer than expected, it’s better to have too much time planned than not enough. Be flexible too though. We ended up sort of winging it for some of the events in the reception to keep it moving.”

“At the end of the day, don’t forget why you’re doing this. You’re marrying the best person ever! Be nice to them, and be EXTRA nice to your wedding party and family who are helping you out! Even if something doesn’t happen exactly how you wanted, you’re going home married! As my grandma used to say, chose your battles and then blow it out your ear!”