Highway to Hell: Rock n Roll Desert Elopement Inspo

Katherine Bree Walker

April 8, 2021

Part of our mission statement here at Rock n Roll Bride is to inspire couples to plan the wedding that they really want, in an industry that’s dictated around tradition – an industry that does its’ utmost to convince you that to get married you need to have the expensive dress, the biggest cake, the most raucous party. While there’s absolutely no shame in having these things on your wedding day if that’s what you want, that’s the key part in all of this – being a rock n roll bride is all about planning a day that reflects you and your partner and declaring your love in your own special way.

These shots of Eugene and Veronica, captured by Katherine Bree Walker are the antithesis of all that STUFF – no fuss, just two lovers having a whale of a time being their truest selves. You can’t get more Rock n Roll Bride than that!

Birthed out of the pandemic, this shoot was conceptualised by former large-scale events planner Ashley, who, when the circumstances nudged her into rethinking what her true passion is, brought ‘Til Death Creative Agency to life. Specialising in non-traditional weddings, editorial style elopements and campaigns revolving around love in the most unconventional ways, she reached out to friend and photographer Katherine to create highly curated, alternative engagement shoots. “We went out to the desert and shot 5 couples in 2.5 days,” Ashley told us, “and Highway to Hell is exactly the product we both were looking to achieve.”

Eugene was on tour with his band, American Mile, when he spotted a woman with a blue afro on stage rocking the bass in an all girl’s rock and roll band, Glamskanks. He knew from that moment he couldn’t live without Veronica. She got off stage, locked eyes with him and the rest was history. Not only have they toured together around the world, but they have even started writing their own music together. “Being around these two makes you feel like they have their own language that they speak, and that is in song.”

“We wanted to capture the essence of the two of them through their music with no other distractions. When Veronica and Eugene start jamming together, there is nothing like it; nothing else exists. It’s a really beautiful experience and Bree captured it quite perfectly. Also, in the pure essence of rock and roll, we sort of let them do what they do best, and therefore caught them drinking and hitchhiking at 9am!”

“With their ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude, Eugene and Veronica are the embodiment of being a Rock n Roll Bride  They are here in this moment because they love each other and they love the music, and nothing can stop that from existing. They don’t care what other people think, their style is immaculate and they have rock ‘n roll running through their veins.”