Metal Music Lovers’ Italian Wedding with a Black Wedding Dress & A First Dance to Rammstein

Camilla Sarzi Photoart

November 20, 2020

When you picture an Italian wedding, you might be forgiven for thinking it would be super traditional and definitely in a church, but when the couple in question met at one of Italy’s biggest metal music festivals, their wedding was definitely going to go down a little differently. Erica and Antonio chose to tie the knot at Cà del Facco, a farm meets holiday home in the Lombardy countryside where they brought their relaxed, romantic wedding (that still felt totally ‘them’) to life.

One of the most unique elements about the day was that the bride chose to wear black in the form of a black lace and layered tulle gown from Clara Couture and she paired it with a matching black veil. The groom wore a deep blue damask suit with a walking stick and a top hat!

“The other big thing about our wedding was the music”, the bride explained, “We got plenty of compliments about it. My husband’s entrance song was Peace by Apocalyptica and my own was Crystallize by Lindsey Stirling; we entered the dining site with
Hail and Kill by Manowar and our first dance was Frühling in Paris by Rammstein.”

With both of them being atheists, a religious ceremony of any kind was totally out of the question. Instead they had a civil ceremony, held outside on the grounds of their venue. “As per the Italian law, we could delegate our friend and get her to officially and legally officiant our wedding”. Erica said. “This part was also something new for many of our guests, as here weddings are usually celebrated in a church by a priest. It was touching for everyone to hear my best friend, who saw us grow as a couple from the beginning, talking about the friendship between the three of us and about the love between me and my husband.”

“Don’t stress out if your wedding is not exactly as you wanted it”, the bride advises in conclusion. “Your guests have no idea about it and if you stress out, they will notice that something’s going wrong. Follow the flow and enjoy the day. Another tip is to always be true to yourselves and don’t let other tell you if your choices are right or wrong, if you feel like having that band, or that colour, or that flower, just get it!”