Autumnal Park Elopement with a Short, Sparkly Dress

Quint Photography

October 4, 2019

It’s that perfect time of year where the temperatures have dropped slightly but it’s not yet baltic outside, the colours of the trees are at their most beautiful and Pumpkin Spiced Lattes are a thing again (OK spoiler alert I actually think they’re gross but many people don’t agree with me!) But MOST OF ALL, I love the weddings that happen in Autumn. Especially when they’re low key and full of all the feels.

Following the footsteps of many of their family members who also chose to elope when they married, Elena and Patrick eloped in Melbourne earlier this year. “Elopements seem to be a bit of a trend in both of our families”, she explained, “My parents and brother eloped as did Patrick’s brother! So we thought it would be a bit of a fun tradition to do the same!”

The ceremony was held at The Old Treasury Building and was short and sweet, but perfect. “It was full of emotion”, she continued. “As soon as the celebrant asked us to hold hands, we looked into each other’s eyes and immediately teared up. We didn’t expect it to be such an emotional moment!”

Afterwards they headed for a celebratory lunch with some of their closest friends. They didn’t tell their parents they were getting married until afterwards, so they also then called them to break the news! “Calling my parents to tell them we got married caused a hilarious reaction. That was one of my favourite moments of the day!”

“Our advice for other couples would be that it’s all about the two of you, so do what you want and makes you feel comfortable! Don’t be pressured by others. Also it’s cliché, but enjoy it. It really does goes by so quickly! Finally, we almost didn’t get a professional photographer – that would have been a huge mistake! It’s been so great to look back at photos of the day and see all the emotions.”