Tiny Vintage Inspired Elopement in Sweden

Lova Edlund

September 21, 2019

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Moa and Ludvig always knew they wanted to elope, they also wanted the day to feel casual. The groom was originally going to just wear jeans (but decided at the last minute to dress up just a little bit!) and the bride bought her black dress from My Malina but accessorised it with shoes and jewellery she already owned.

She also made the cake, the groom and his mother arranged the flowers and they self-catered the vegan meal. All in they spent just £1500. They were married at Malmö City Hall in Sweden followed by a small dinner for their closest family members in the groom’s mother’s garden.

“We wanted out wedding to be a bit fancy but still simple”, Moa said. “There’s no need to dress down just because you have a small amount of guests (we were nine including us) or because its only a legal thing. Everything should be celebrated! We saw it as our wedding pre-party and we plan to have a bigger destination wedding in 2020.”

The thing they loved most about doing things this way was that there was no pressure. “We just took the day as it came and it was pure joy”, she explained. “The best thing as that there was no ‘we have to do this’, it was more “what do we really want?’ The only thing we’d maybe have done differently is to have bought a cake but other than that the day was perfect! Our micro wedding was so fun, and we loved that we had quality time with each guest.”



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  2. Personaly, I love nature. So a wedding woodland shoot ticks all the boxes Beautiful and inspiring photography…Stunning black dress is perfect for the setting.

  3. Roxie

    I LOVE this!!! wedding goals right there. thank you so much for sharing this. this is very helpful


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