How to Choose Your Wedding Perfume (The Rock n Roll Bride Way)

Danny Birrell Photography

February 27, 2019

When I got engaged I was completely perplexed at the impetus put on choosing your wedding perfume. Sure, we all know smells are lovely and that scent is the strongest sense associated with memory so therefore nice perfume = nice wedding day memories all flooding back when you wear the same one again… But there were hundreds of articles about it seemingly everywhere I looked.

I like smelling good as much as the next regularly showering person, but do I think it’s the be all and end all of wedding memory perfection? I do not. HOWEVERRRRRR, I’m not a complete anarchist so I do have some (hopefully nice and realistic) pieces of advice for picking what you’re going smell like on your wedding day.

Know your tastes

My advice for choosing which perfume to wear is shockingly similar to pretty much all my advice surrounding planning your day your way, JUST PICK STUFF YOU LIKE.

But seriously, if you usually don’t wear any perfume at all there’s no reason why you now need to turn yourself into an expert perfumer just because you’re getting married. If you usually wear something quite masculine then this is where you ought to start (my go-to is Jo Malone’s Oud and Bergamot which is actually a unisex scent but I am OBSESSED with it) or if sweet, girly perfumes are your jam then check out Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue. I’m also a big fan of the body spray, not gonna lie. Impluse have just bought out a load of new fragrances and they’re cheap as anything. A great way for experimenting with scent without spending your entire wedding budget on it.

Layer it up

It is a good idea to layer up your scents to make them last longer (this is a tip for life not just for your wedding day by the way). So hell yeah you should splash out on the matching body wash and moisturiser too. Go on babe, you’re the bride, you deserve it.

Go for an Eau de Parfum over an Eau de Toilette

If there’s one thing that I do know about perfume it’s that Eau de Parfum is more intense concentration so it will last longer and give you more bang for your buck in the long run. Although an Eau de Toilette might be a cheaper upfront cost you’ll end up using more of it to keep yourself smelling lovely.

So there you have it, not groundbreaking stuff but ya know, hopefully some advice you might be able to take on board too. Congratulations, you can now tick ‘choose a wedding day perfume’ off your ever-growing wedding planning to do list. You’re welcome.