Free-Spirited Outdoor Wedding Style in Quebec

Yanique Fillion

November 12, 2018

Serious wife goals and life goals from today’s shoot, a dreamy festival-inspired wedding ceremony in Mouton Village, a charming estate hidden in a valley in Québec, Canada. In fact we love this so much we’ve shared it twice! If you’ve picked up a copy of issue 23 you may recognise a few of these shots from Kat’s ‘Dear Kat’ letter!

Nestled in the countryside, Mouton Village is full of quirk and charm. Photographer Yanique Fillion wanted to use it as the location “to give the impression of being lost, and very far from civilisation. John and Natasha allowed us to capture their love, wrapped in sun and flowers. Who doesn’t want to get married after looking at these pictures?!”

And she has a point. The team made the most of the beautiful outdoors with a towering white geometric backdrop for the ceremony, adorned with light fabric that fluttered in the breeze. Using nature’s movements was a major inspiration for this shoot, as they decorated their reception with a parasol with floaty fabric that Natasha and John were lost in their own world underneath. Their long trestle table was prepared for an idyllic outdoorsy reception.

Mimosa Fleurs worked floral magic on the structures too, constructing clouds of textured foliage and flowers to hang behind the couple, as well as arrangements for the table. She also made the most incredible larger-than-life bouquet, overflowing with beautifully rustic foliage and ferns and studded with perfect roses.

Natasha’s gorgeous off-shoulder dress was from La Boutique Champagne and was the perfect choice for a laid back festival-style wedding, elegant yet still playful. Her candy pink hair was styled into milkmaid braids by Marie-Ève Boily and Marie-Pier Paquette played with some beautifully dewy make up.

“The bride and groom are so loving and charming,” Yanique explains, “that they give us the taste of living with them their idyllic love! The beautiful floral arrangement, the extraordinary places and the soft light transports us with them in their unique universes.” Now we’re off to wish it was summer and chase that light…



  1. Oh OH!!

    What a treat for a Saturday morning. Well done everyone involved in this shoot – I’ve been transported to red-neck America, and those dresses… Oh my.

  2. oh i love it!!! i am so glad we picked sassy as our photographer!!!

    just one question, where would i find details on which tattoos you can have attached to your wedding dress? i looked on their website and couldn’t see any. i am wondering if they can be purchased separately to put on my dress! 😀

  3. Post author

    Deer Donna yes Jo needs to sort her website out (yes you do missy!) Hehe I think she can design then especially and send them as badges for you to add yourself. Drop her an email?

  4. Wow…Thank you so much so featuring our shoot…we had so much Fun!! Sassy is one amazing lady !! the colour is so vibrant… So EXCITED that you have featured it!!!

  5. the Website is being re done as we speak Mrs!! xx and is looking ace!! we don’t usually do the tattoos as seperate items, but for you DeerDonna, and your wonderful wedding i have heard all about…I am sure I could sort something…email me xx

  6. Natalie

    Aargh love so so much! One of the models, Kia did mine and my bridesmaids wedding hair and makeup, she’s such a star 🙂

  7. AMAZING! There’s just so much I love about this shoot. The styling is immense, the girls are gorge, the frocks are fab and Sassy is the queen of such things. LOVE it. x

  8. Kate

    Wow, I’m so head over heels with the tattoo appliques – pretty please sell them as badges, I need them in my life to add onto my own non-wedding dresses! All of them. Seriously! Amazing! Oh and props for the gorgeous ‘love’ hat/fascinator, who made it? Loving all your work ladies – location, photography, styling, hair, make-up, dresses, shoes – this is possibly my fave RNRB shoot so far 🙂

  9. Cheryl Yearwood

    I live within walking distance of Jo’s shop at the Custard Factory.It’s amazing to see the dresses in the window.The other week the polka dot one was out.Oh Lordy!I do not usually go for long dresses,but the red number in the shoot has me dribbling.If you ever come to Birmingham,ask for the Custard Factory,It is not far from the city centre.Take in the window of Jo’s shop,you can’t miss it!Also check out the rest of the shops and people in the Custard Factory.Love All

  10. Being that I’m from Alabama (the dirty south!) I find beauty in these pics. The whole vibe feels happy. The red car and red dresses really make the photos pop. Great job!

  11. Wow, what lovely comments…makes me very proud to have been part of this team!! Kate, all the headpieces and fascinators are by us at the Couture company, we make to order and can do whatever design you fancy.. Cheryl, we love being at The Custard factory its got a brilliant vibe and lots of peeps to collaborate with too!

  12. So excited to see this shoot on Rock n Roll Bride! We had the most amazing day shooting and I’m so happy, thankful and proud to have been part of such an immensely talented team! Thanks for sharing! x


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