Issue 18 on Sale Today!

January 4, 2018

YAY! The first issue of 2018 is on general sale TODAY. So run down to your nearest WhSmiths, Smith’s Travel, Sainsbury’s or local newsagent to grab yours right now! Did you know that if your local newsie doesn’t stock the magazine (boo!) you can ask them to order it in for you (woo!)? Or you can cut the middle man out entirely and order one online, or subscribe so you never miss an issue! UK shipping is free and we ship worldwide.

Want a little preview of what you’ll find instead? Head over to last week’s pre-sale post to read all about it.

Time to step up the wedding planning girly, and luckily for you Rock n Roll Bride is here to help! Go on, grab yours now and you too could be as excited as cover girl Sophie when it arrives!