A Wedding Photographer with an Ethical Pricing Policy (PLUS A 10% Discount for All Readers!)

December 13, 2017

It’s not that often that we’re able to give some love to our Canadian readers (or those of you having a destination wedding in Canada!) but today is that day. And I’m pretty darn thrilled to introduce you to Toronto wedding photographer, ByCalin, because not only is he passionate about wedding photography, he’s vehement about pricing his services ethically and passing any savings he makes in his business onto her clients!

All his prices and options are listed clearly on his website so there will be no tiresome back and forth trying to figure out how much your requirements for your wedding photography is going to cost.

Other important things to know about ByCalin’s ethical pricing policy are:

That there are no hidden fees. If your wedding is taking place in the greater Toronto area, the the prices quoted are the price you’ll pay. Period. He’s not going to swoop in and tell you you need to pay extra for travel, editing, or tax at the last minute. If you are having a destination wedding, or you’d like to fly him out to your location to shoot you, he’ll discuss all the associated costs upfront, before you have to make any decisions.

His pricing has been put together through extensive market research. ByCalin‘s packages cost from $2999 (CA) or you can hire him for $460 (CA) an hour if you’re having a short day, or you want less coverage. It’s important to Calin that his photography is ethically priced, and he’s worked really hard to keep his costs low (such as working from home to save studio costs, automating any non-creative part of his processes and focusing on quality, not quantity) so that he can pass those savings onto her clients.

There’s an automatic discount already included in all packages. He says, “One of the most common questions we are asked if we can provide a discount. The simple answer is no. As we are obsessed with cutting costs, our collections already include a discount and you will receive it even if you don’t ask for it! We do not aim to be the cheapest studio in the greater Toronto area but rather provide the best value to our clients.”

However he does have a referral program meaning you could get some money back! “We acknowledge the fact that every couple has a budget”, he explains, “and so we offer a referral program that allows you to receive a discounted rate should you refer us to a friend or family member for their wedding! If you refer someone else, and they book, we’ll reimburse 10% from the fee you’ve paid us. in the past we’ve had some clients pass us on to four friends meaning they got a massive 40% of the fee they paid back!”

There are no extra fees if you want to pay via bank transfer or Cheque. Whether it’s via bank transfer, cheque or even an international bank transfer he won’t charge you any extra fees. Also if you want to pay upfront, or via installments the cost will be exactly the same. Basically whatever works best for you and your situation works for him!

While, thinking about choosing your photographer based purely on facts and numbers isn’t that romantic or fun, I think you’ll agree that as well as being upfront and clear with his pricing (a godsend to a busy bride or groom-to-be!) is sure to make the process of booking him much easier. If only all wedding photographers were so transparent.

Plus, the photos he takes are beautiful. Calling his style ‘Assisted Photojournalism’, he wont get in the way for 90% of the wedding day. This means he won’t be setting up shots or trying to force you into uncomfortable poses UNLESS YOU WANT THAT. In fact you probably won’t even notice he’s there most of the time! The only time he actively directs people is when you’re doing your couple’s portraits and group photos.

Exclusive Rock n Roll Bride Reader Offer!

Although he doesn’t ever discount, Calin is making a very special exception for Rock n Roll Bride readers! He is offering anyone who books him before the end of January 10% off the package they choose to book! There’s no catch and no hoops to jump through to get this offer either, simply contact him by 31st January 2018 and explain that you found him on Rock n Roll Bride. If you go ahead and book 10% will be taken off your final bill (and yes, you can still refer friends for further money back if you want to as well!) Your wedding can be taking place any time and any place too, there are no time frame or date requirements. Amazing!

If you want to read more about Calin’s pricing and ethical pricing strategy, or swoon over his client galleries, you can do so over on his website! For more information or to chat about your wedding photography needs, simply drop him an email.