The Godfather Meets Dolce & Gabbana

Shu Daniels

June 8, 2017

Alicia and Simon were inspired by Connie’s wedding in The Godfather and Dolce & Gabbana shop windows for their wedding. They were married on New Year’s Eve and wanted a day that featured great food and lots of fun.

“Having the wedding on New Year’s Eve meant they pretty much everyone was in party mood and there was a really nice, jovial, fun atmosphere from start to finish”, the bride began. “The traditional Jewish dancing definitely helped kick things off as well though!”

“Food was a huge part of our wedding and being able to choose specialists for each individual item and course was really important to us. We used The Raw Kitchen who specialise in amazing vegan food so we had them cater the sides and vegetables, El Asador is the king of Argentinian BBQ so we had him create some special beef chorizo, ribs and spatchcock and Pasta Addiction make their own handmade pasta and sauces so this was an absolute necessity from the beginning. Our desserts were all from people we know and love in Perth, who customised our favourite sweets for the evening. Our antipasti table was a work of art and tasted as good as it looked, created by Styled Notion.”

Their Jewish ceremony was conduced by the groom’s best friend, Joel. “He incorporated traditional Jewish with modern civil elements. We were married under a chuppah with lots of candles, it was beautiful. I just remember walking in and seeing the faces of all of my friends and family beaming at me and felt so much love in the room. The second I saw Simon at the end of the aisle I burst into tears of happiness and joy! We laughed a lot, said our custom vows and kissed. It was magic!”

The bride’s stunning dress and crown were made for her bu Australian designer Lady Petrova. “I wanted a detailed gold dress and Simon chose a blue velvet suit. Our goal was to create a whole ‘world’ for the new year’s eve party, reflecting the kind of food, music and booze we and our guests regularly enjoy, rather than traditional, bland, wedding-y type stuff. His family is Jewish and mine is Italian.”

“We got a lot of inspiration from Rock n Roll Bride and amazing couples doing gorgeous, different things in different parts of the world, as well as some movies, designers, creative Fremantle people and the south of Italy.”

“The worst thing about the wedding planning was doubting some of the decision we made along the way. We worried some of them were not ‘wedding-y’ enough and that some people might not agree with them. However there’s nothing we’d change about it now. I’m pretty glad we are both relatively laid back people and had the same ideas about just wanting our guests to have a great time.”