A Ceremony in Iceland & A Grand Budapest Hotel Inspired Reception: Part Two

Our Two Hearts

June 13, 2017

If you missed part one of this wedding, their incredible ceremony in Iceland, be sure to check it out over here.

After their ceremony in Iceland, they hosted their reception at the wedding venue that they own, Takk House in Troy, New York. Their decor and theme was inspired by the Wes Anderson film The Grand Budapest Hotel.

The couple did a lot of DIY projects of their wedding day. “My absolutely favourite project was the giant bright pink key mailbox that our friend Eric helped us make”, Heidi said. “It held cards that told our guests where to sit. We also built walls out of huge pieces of cardboard and vintage wallpaper. Frank and I re-purposed an old check-in looking desk we found in the basement. We had a lot of fun with the details!”

“Our favourite part of the wedding day was seeing everyone’s reactions to our surprise ceremony film and being introduced to all our friends and family for the first time! It was such a wild moment. I will remember standing in the hallway waiting for the movie to end forever. My knees were shaking with fear and excitement!”

The couple’s biggest expense was their catering. “It was so important to us that all our guests were well fed and could start drinking the moment they walked in the door. It was important to spoil our guests. We are in the hospitality industry! However we saved a ton of money hosting our own reception in basically our house so there was no venue fee for us!”

“The best thing about planning our wedding was the freedom to basically do whatever we wanted. It was our space so the sky was the limit. We were able to setup the entire week leading up to our wedding and we did! But the worst thing was the guest list. It was impossible to decide who to invite and so stressful.”

“Our advice for future brides and grooms is to tackle the big decisions right away”, she concluded. “This leaves more time to collect things, work on details and just be excited about it all. The longer you wait to make decisions on vendors etc, just adds so much more stress to the equation. Save that time for being nerdy on your couch with your future husband or wife!”

“Make your wedding day whatever you want it to be. You will get a lot of input from friends and family. Just make sure you stay true to you. It is after all one of the biggest days of your life with a significant sum of money attached to it. You should be over the moon about everything surrounding your day. Finally, take care of your guests and your vendors!”