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Wes Anderson

Girly Glam Rock Wedding in Northern Ireland

Sophie Cooke

Elijah and Susannah

June 2, 2020

nspired by their love of rock music and some of their favourite movie moments, Jenn and Tommy planned a personal, rock 'n' roll and wedding at Galgorm Resort and Spa in Ballymena, Northern Ireland last summer. They opted for quite a 'girly' colour scheme with pinks, peaches and rose gold, but included many things that reflected Tommy too - not least of all a very special guest appearance from Iron Man himself!

A Wes Anderson Inspired Colourful Brixton Bandstand Wedding

Sophie Cooke

Fleming Photo

December 3, 2018

It came very naturally to Zoë and Gav to have a day that reflected their true personalities and to make choices that felt right to them.  “I’ve never understood why girls who have never set foot in a national trust in their lives suddenly want to get married in a stately home,” said Zoë. “Maybe its just nice to be someone else, someone more fancy and regal for a day?”