Faerie and Woodland Nymph Fantasy Wedding

Pink Feather Photography

April 21, 2017

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Dear internet, prepare to lose your collective shit over Mckenzie and Morgan’s beyond incredible, one-of-a kind, totally beautiful faerie/ woodland nymph inspired October wedding!

When you look at weddings day in, day out like I do, it can be all too easy to get a bit blinded by it all… But then a wedding like this one comes along, smacks you right in the middle of your forehead and forces you to pay attention! I am so excited to share this wedding with you today and I don’t think it’ll take long for you to realise why.

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The wedding took place at Sacred Mountain Ranch in Julian, California. “Our wedding theme was an ‘Autumn Fantasy Woodland Wedding'”,  began Mckenzie. “Think Lord of The Rings, fairies, satyrs. It was also LARP (Live Action Role Playing) inspired. We actually had a sword duel during the reception dinner.”

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The brides wanted a fantasy theme and all of their cosplay loving friends got seriously into the spirit too. “We wanted to join all the parts of our lives together from our biological family to our LARP family. Our biological family had never experienced LARP so we brought LARP to them. Most of our friends are also LARPers and work in the film industry so of course we had to have a high fantasy Live Action Role Play costumed wedding.”

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The wedding party had a whimsical fairy wonderland feel as well with the bridesmaids and groomsmen all dressed as forest nymphs and centaurs. “We homemade the costumes for the bridal party”, she continued, “as well as the ring bearer costume, flower girl costume and the fathers. Some of the bridesmaids helped sew the costumes as well.”

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“Our venue was our biggest expense but it was worth it. It needed to be the right feel for our theme. The venue we chose also provided a lot of things that we would have had to rent which ended up saving us money so it all evened out in the end. We looked at other sites that were more expensive and provided less.”

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“We thought people were joking when they tell you to start looking for and booking the venue and the vendors a year in advance”, she laughed. “Venues especially start booking up fast so we’d advise other couples to start looking for these things as early as possible too!”

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“Also Pinterest is your best friend for saving ideas. Plan the wedding together and make it a day for both of you. Leave some time before the wedding to relax. We booked the venue with a mini vacation built into the beginning of the trip so that everything had to be done before we got to the location and once we got there, we could relax for two days before the big day. We also gave ourselves four days to recoup before heading out on our honeymoon to Scotland!”

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