Colourful Harry Potter, Zombie & Dinosaur Wedding

Claudia Rose Carter

February 24, 2017


Keri and Sean wanted a wedding theme that included dinosaurs, gnomes, Harry Potter and zombies! They hoped the day would be full of the things they like, to reflect themselves, and to be super relaxed and a whole lot of fun!


However, they had a slightly rocky start to the day! “I was late to the ceremony because the wheel fell off the bridal car, rolled across the road and landed at the side of the river!” laughed Keri. “Thankfully there were no causalities! We then jumped into the VW Campervan and made our way to the venue – 40 minutes late!”


“The ceremony was our favourite part of the day as we had written it ourselves and we were surrounded by our family and friends so it felt very personal. The bridal party walked down the aisle to the Jurassic Park theme tune, we had our version of Scotland’s traditional Quaich drinking (which saw the whole party drinking from the Quaich all day and night), we had an Edward Monkton Dinosaur reading (followed by everyone taking a shot of Bacardi!) and when we walked out everyone threw unicorn poop and pom poms over us! It was perfect!”


“For décor we had dinosaurs EVERYWHERE as well as gnomes, Harry Potter table names, and a zombie cake! We DIY-d all signage, bouquets, dinosaur centrepieces, venue decorating, evening food (crisp sandwich evening buffet) and black toffee apple favours. For entertainment we had karaoke, space hopper races, Cards Against Humanity and beer pong!”


“The food was our biggest expense as we went for a Harry Potter style banquet; we both work in the hospitality industry so the food was very important to us. Reagan, our caterer, was amazing and delivered exactly what we asked for!”


“The best thing about planning our wedding was realising how in tune we are – we both had the same vision for the wedding and it came together perfectly and without compromise! Sean had some surprises of his own on the day – I had no idea what his suit was like and he designed the whole zombie cake as a surprise for me!”


“Our advice for future brides and grooms is be yourself – it is your day so do what you want! Don’t try and do everything yourself – if someone offers you help, take it! And don’t worry about any hiccups or deviations from the plan, it just makes the day even more special and unique!”