Steampunk Meets Alice in Wonderland Wedding With a Bride Wearing Wings!

Raw Photography

January 14, 2017

Just loved yesterday's Steampunk bride and groom,  Jo-Anne and I

Jo-anne and Ian were married in May. Their wedding theme was Steampunk with a splash of Alice in Wonderland, “We met at a Steampunk themed war game tournament” explained Jo-anne, “and I love all things Steampunk so it seemed very fitting.”

Ian had planned lots of things for Jo-anne while she got ready on the morning of the wedding such as love letters to open. “She got letters that I had written delivered to her by the venue staff and friends ” Ian explained, “I also built a website and kept adding things throughout the morning for her to look at, read and listen to. I think she spent the morning mostly in tears!”


All the guests also got involved and dressed up in-keeping with the theme, “The place was packed full of steampunk attired friends and family, it looked magical” Jo-ann continued. “We also lined the aisle with candles and lanterns and after we signed the register the guests threw paper planes they had made rather than confetti as we walked back down the aisle, it was just brilliant!”


For their reception the couple had a tea party inspired by Alice in Wonderland. “I love Alice in wonderland so being able to have a tea party with champagne and belinis was a dream come true. Our favourite part of the day was having our photos taken by the river. The day was really sunny and the reaction was brilliant. Strangers were stopping to take pictures of us because of our attire and my Di Vinci wings (which were from The Crooked Feather)! I felt like a proper steampunk princess. Also having those whispered moments between ourselves while the pictures were being taken was one of the happiest things I can remember.”


After the venue and catering, the most biggest expense for the couple was their wedding cake from Choccywoccydoodah, but they saved money on Jo-anne’s wedding dress. “My dress was made by my Auntie-in-Law, so we saved so much money as we only had to buy the fabric. We also saved money by making the seating plan, centrepieces and table settings ourselves.”


“Our advice to other couples is to do it your way and only your way only! Don’t be afraid to put your foot down with people, if they love you, they won’t make it difficult. Take pride in your choices and embrace what you like. Don’t be scared to speak up and change your mind on something. On the week running up to the wedding, take as much help as is offered, don’t shoulder it alone. And on the day don’t fret because now you can’t change anything, you can only enjoy it!”