Wedding Stationery Ideas for Couples Who Want Something Different

November 30, 2016


It seems that everywhere you look these days there are wedding blogs and magazines sharing ideas on how you can personalise your wedding. From the cake you choose, the dress you wear, even the flowers you carry, there appears to be nothing you can’t put your own stamp on.

This is all well and good, but what if you want something truly one-of-a-kind for your wedding? Something no-one else will have? Then the answer is, of course, to go custom made and get something designed to your exact requirements and ideas.

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When it comes to wedding stationery specifically, there are lots of options available. Of course you can slave over a PC or a hot glue gun for hours and try and create something yourself, but if your skills lie elsewhere or that all just sounds like way too much hard work then it is perfectly acceptable to pay an expert to design you something instead! If the last option appeals then you’re going to love who I’m introducing you to today, A Good Day Inc.

And it’s not as spendy as you might think.

Designer Jordan’s background is in advertising and designing websites, but being obsessed with paper and wanting another creative outlet, he started A Good Day Inc. to help brides and grooms just like you come up with awesome, creative and totally unique wedding stationery.

“My brother was getting married, so for their wedding gift I designed and printed their entire wedding suite”, he told me. “Save the dates, four piece invitations with custom laser cut band and laser cut table numbers. It was a true collaboration in style and really set the way for me to want to do this for more couples. I spent the following months researching unique materials in the market and found a big gap for the type of work I wanted to produce. I get to work with couples and planners to create those special pieces.”

unique-wedding-stationery-from-a-good-day-inc-1unique-wedding-stationery-from-a-good-day-inc-4 unique-wedding-stationery-from-a-good-day-inc-6 unique-wedding-stationery-from-a-good-day-inc-8

“I love working with pattern, colour and texture!” he continues. “I love invitations that are non-traditional. I have a background in art history and design and love to mesh in film and television references in my work. The 16 design collections we launched with were all inspired by characters we love and art periods. We use unique materials such as wood, cork and metal to create some stunning pieces that really speak to the couple and the event.”

Based in Canada but working with couples all over the world, A Good Day Inc’s prices are shockingly reasonable for this kind of level of work. His digitally printed suites start from just $6 CAD (approx £3.60) per set, with letterpress from only $10 (£6) and foiled work from $12 (£7)!

Simple customisation (such as changing colours, wording, fonts, paper, dimensions) of existing designs can be done at NO ADDITIONAL COST (what!?) and if you have something completely different that you want designed specifically for you then you should get in touch with them for a quote.

a-good-day-inc-custom-2unique-wedding-stationery-from-a-good-day-inc-12 unique-wedding-stationery-from-a-good-day-inc-13unique-wedding-stationery-from-a-good-day-inc-7

For more information on A Good Day Inc. be sure to check out their website where you can see all of their template based designs. For even more inspiration you should definitely follow them on Facebook and Instagram too!