Casual & Boho Sao Paulo Wedding

Canvas Ateliê Fotográfico

November 11, 2016


Isabela and Felipe’s Brazilian wedding had a casual and boho vibe. They were married at a concert venue in Sao Paulo. The day was simply a mash up of things they both liked.


“We didn’t want anything uniform or traditional”, said the bride. “Our venue, Centro Cultural Rio Verde in Sao Paulo was not a usual wedding location so that was different too. It’s a place where lots of independent concerts happen. About three years ago, when we’re just starting to see each other, we went to a concert there and commented that it’d be pretty cool to get married there. That comment was never forgotten!”


The bride wore a dress made for her by her grandmother. “I chose everything for my dress”, she explained”, I bought the fabric, dyed it with my grandma and helped her sew it.”


“My favourite moment was the ceremony, particularly walking down the aisle. Seeing everyone to happy was very emotional. Even though we are not religious we thought it was important to have some kind of divine blessing. We weren’t married in a church but my uncle is a pastor and we insisted that he celebrated the wedding. When we asked him, he was flattered and said that religion aside, we all had a belief in something in common, and that was beautiful.”