An Inked 10-Year Anniversary Session


Krystal and Jarrod have been married for ten years and so wanted to do a photo shoot which would document them and their relationship as it stands today. Jarrod owns a garage which is where the session took place.


“I knew Krystal and Jarrod were celebrating their upcoming 10 year anniversary and wanted to do a shoot for them capturing the love they still have for each other, especially showing their comfort together”, explained photographer Kelley. “Engagement photos tend to be so over-the-top with love and affection – it ’s new, they’re excited to be getting married, life is some what easy… But having been married for 10 years is an accomplishment – still liking (and loving) each other after all that time even more so!”


“I think a lot of people would see Krystal as having a ‘different’ look. Her bright make up, colourful sleeve, half of her head being shaved – but she’ s undeniably beautiful. I also think that we’re taking a pretty mediocre venue (an auto-body shop in NC) and making it stunning. Having been a bride , I think seeing how the details really make this what it is would be inspirational.”


“This shoot focused entirely on the couple – it wasn’t about the styling, or some bouquet, or fancy jewellery – it was all about these two people, which is kind of what it should be , whether it ’s a wedding or engagement shoot or what have you. It showed that with almost no planning, you can capture some really precious moments together.”




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