Kitschy, Vintage & Colourful Wedding Down Under

Sarah Kennedy Photography

July 13, 2016

Kitschy, Vintage, Colourful & Quirky Wedding Down Under (18)

Riley and Michelle’s wedding was inspired by their own states and style, they love everything that’s a bit fun and different so the most important thing to them was that their day was not boring or plain!

“We take a special interest in 60s and 70s culture so we tried to incorporate that into our day”, said the bride. “At the reception the decor included peacock chairs, lawn flamingos, various vintage floral tablecloths, faux grass rabbits and pom poms! Sourcing the individual vintage tablecloths for the tables made our wedding different. None of the tables matched and they each had their own groovy personality and it brought a real fun and relaxed feel to our wedding.”

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“Things did snowball quite quickly though”, she laughed. “I started out planning a backyard BBQ wedding but one thing led to another, next thing I knew I had a venue booked and was stressing about all the little insignificant things that I swore I never would. I had to get a hold of myself and remember it was our special day, no matter what happens I’m marrying the man of my dreams surrounded by my loved ones and its going to be fabulous!”

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The ceremony took place by the Shoalhaven River. “We designed our own arch to be married under which consisted of gold and white fabric wrapped around a plain white arch with four gold and white different sized round fans, a gold deer head and a pom pom garland. I walked down the aisle to Longest Time by Billy Joel. We both love this song as we found it to be the perfect tempo for our day. We did not want our ceremony to be too sappy. We wanted to keep the day fun, light and full of love and laughter.”

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“In retrospect, the only thing I’d do differently would be to stress less! Its easy to say when all is said and done, but I did get carried away with worrying about what ifs and doubting my choices throughout the process. Its hard to imagine if your ideas are going to come together as successfully on the day as they do in your head but I am glad I trusted my instincts as everything worked out just swell.”

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