Planning European Adventures with RoutePerfect

Shell de Mar Photography

June 16, 2016


It can’t have escaped your view that I travel a LOT these days. Sometimes for work but also often for fun too. Visiting and exploring new places is one of my favourite things to do. Ever.

Yet it can be pretty daunting to work out routes and itineraries, especially if you’re going to visit multiple cities in one trip. So I was totally over the moon when I discovered RoutePerfect. They take the hassle out of all the laborious research and comparing of options that can happen if you’re left to your own devices.

It’s basically an online planning tool that helps you create custom trip itineraries based on your travel preferences, budget and personal style. Not only can you explore options and prices, but if you book things through them you can even save up to 20% on many packages. Plus, booking everything all at once is such a time saver!

RoutePerfect is, well, perfect for those of you looking for honeymoon ideas, especially if you want to be your own travel agent or if you’re on a budget. Having everything sorted in advance really takes the hassle out of travelling too and all the information you’re going to need is saved in the one place. No more logging into multiple website to find your flight times, hotel bookings and car hire info!

Gala, Shauna and I are planning a trip to Italy and Greece later in the summer, so I thought I’d do some forward planning to show you just how easy the site is to use. I started by putting in our preferred starting point (Almalfi, Italy) and our final stop (Santorini, Greece). I then selected ‘friends’ (you can also choose ‘romantic, ‘family’ or ‘solo’) that we wanted a 14 day trip and that we were on a moderate budget.

After getting your result you can continue to customise to suit your needs. I selected public transport as none of us really like to drive when we’re abroad, that we’d like four destinations and that we prefer bigger cities. I was also able to put in that our preferences were great food over historic sites and culture, and that beaches wins over active pursuits! This was our final result.

Now that sounds like a pretty good holiday to me! After you get your results you can tweak things manually to add more or less days in each place, to add more or less cities and to remove the places that don’t interest you. The next page also gives you ideas of things to do and enables you to price things up, giving you different options depending on your budget.

RoutePerfect maximises your travel experience by suggesting the optimal trip for the time you have and the things you love to do. If we’re to believe the guide books and blogs, everything nowadays is a “must see” but by using RoutePerfect its much easier to figure our what the right trip is for you.

Also, if you do book a vacation through RoutePerfect after seeing this post, you can use the discount code R&RBride to get $50 off all packages over $500.

So why not give it a go for your honeymoon planning? I promise, soon enough you’ll start to wonder how you ever planned a holiday without it!