Alternative Farm House Wedding in Spain

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June 10, 2016

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Zuria and Josu’s rented an old farm house in Northern Spain for their September wedding. They absolutely did not want a traditional day. They served street food, had lots of music and fun things for their guests to do.

“We planned a wedding without no protocol”, said the bride. “We just wanted a party with our loved ones. We looked at lots of weddings online to get ideas but we only picked things we thought would fit our personalities. We really tried to give everything our personal touch and we made the jam jars for flowers, the signs, the stationery and the favours. We brought lots of things from our home for extra decorations too. We wanted our guests to say that we wedding was ‘so us’.”

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The vibe of the wedding was very different to most traditional Spanish weddings, it was very relaxed. “We didn’t want our wedding to feel like it was following a script”, she continued. “We thought that we would enjoy it more if it was just like us hanging around with friends, listening indie music, eating tapas and having fun. We didn’t want anything too formal.”

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Their ceremony was held outside the farmhouse and they walked down the aisle together. “We decided to come into the ceremony together, without anyone’s parent’s giving them away. It was just us, doing it our own way. Our guests stood up and made us an aisle, it was an moment for us. We also had some friends stand up and say some words. Nothing was pre-planned, it was all off the cuff and very emotional.”

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