All American Summer Wedding in New Zealand

Sarah Burton Photography

May 20, 2016

Sarah Burton Photography

Twyla and Kris had an New Zealand summer wedding inspired by Americana. They made everyone do whiskey shots and had a late night pool party. The whole day seems like it was an utter blast!

“We share a love of food and hospitality and we really wanted to throw a great party with all the food and music we love”, said the bride. “Our theme was Americana meets New Zealand summer.”

Sarah Burton Photography

“We had a bottle of Rye whisky and a jar of pickles at every table. At our wedding toast we made everyone (including the grandmothers) do a pickleback. We also had an epic pool party at the end of the night! One thing I found funny was people commenting on ‘how traditional’ the wedding was, but we really just did what we wanted. We cooked all the food ourselves, did our own music and just created what we would do for people coming over to our house… Except for 120 instead of 4!”

Sarah Burton Photography

The ceremony was short and sweet and held outside. “We had no religious stuff and we wrote our own vows”, she continued. “Our celebrant was absolutely amazing. Ahe took time to listen to us and what was important and wrote a really succinct ceremony. There was a little bit of Disney in there and I walked down the aisle to Florence + the Machine, it was all a little surreal.”

Sarah Burton Photography

“The best bit of the wedding was the round of impromptu speeches at the end of the night”, she concluded. “They ranged from quoting Leonard Cohen to interpretive dance! My highlights of wedding planning were buying extravagant shoes, making a ridiculous Pinterest board, and having our overseas friends come visit us!”

Sarah Burton Photography



  1. One of the most amazing, engaging and unique weddings I saw on wedding blogs in a long while! Absolutely love bride’s styling! Can’t wait to look at it again on a big screen when I return from a wedding (yes, it’s Tuesday and it is someone’s wedding 😉

  2. Mii Ya

    Oh my gosh,this wedding is insanely unique and fabulous ! All those details are fabulous !! Love it !

  3. Rossana

    Complimenti!!!Anche noi abbiamo fatto un matrimonio alternativo pubblicato qui a luglio e sono davvero felice di vedere qui altre coppie italiane!!! Portiamo un po di creatività,originalità e pazzia in questa Italia all’insegna del “devi fare questo e quello” Bravi!Bravi!!

  4. What a fun and upbeat wedding. I love the destination and atmosphere. I hope they saved on their wedding travel with Connexion World Travel

  5. Bella! Bella!
    (So happy for you, Francilla!)
    The most beautiful wedding – and so perfectly matches this wonderful couple’s personalities!

  6. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. My new favourite wedding EVERRR. The fabulous theme, all the amazing attention to detail and the brides gorgeous, gorrrrgeous outfit… wow. WOW. I’m in love!

  7. Whoa, that is amazing!! The Bride looks stunning and they both look like they’ve stepped off the set of a Tim Burton movie…incredible!! Love the attention to detail…just fabulous xx

  8. AMAZING wedding! What a dream that must have been to shoot. Every bit of detail got some attention that makes it look like nobody else’s wedding.


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