Rainbow Carnival Wedding in the Rain

Eleven:11 Photography

March 15, 2016

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Be still my rainbow-loving heart! If you don’t utterly adore this wedding then, quite frankly, I just don’t know why you’re reading Rock n Roll Bride at all. With just $5000 to spend, Mika and Calvin pulled off what might be one of my favourite weddings ever!

The day took place in Ohio at The Little Red Schoolhouse. “Our wedding theme was simple: Carnival!”, said the bride. “We wanted our guests to have fun and have good food. So we had pizza, snow cones, cotton candy and popcorn! We wanted a wedding that was fun, colourful and that people would remember. Which is why we did our pictures at Coney Island in Cincinnati.”

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OK let’s just stop and talk about Mika’s dress for a second because woah! “My dress was originally a white simple tulle dress from Wendy’s Bridal in Cincinnati”, she explained, “I got it off the rack for $500, and since my budget was $1000 I was happy I’d found one I liked for half the price! I had it altered by sewing rhinestones around the top and strands of rainbow tulle on the skirt. I turned it into my own fun style. The seamstress also sewed a patch of my grandpas shirt (my something blue) in a heart shape on the back.”

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The ceremony was held outside, but just before it was about to start, the heaven’s opened! “Everything up to our ceremony was perfect even though a storm hit!”, she laughed. “I really wanted to get married outside by a big beautiful tree so we got married in the rain and we magically found a rainbow umbrella in the a closet at the venue! It was crazy, I mean the umbrella matched our theme perfectly! The bridal party walked down the aisle to Over the Rainbow by Taylor Mathews I walked down to Grow Old with You from The Wedding Singer. For the ceremony we did a ‘unity cocktail’ rather than a sand ceremony. We mixed vodka and cranberry juice together!”

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The couple saved a lot of money by doing all the décor themselves and serving homemade pizza instead of using a fancy caterer. “Most venues make you go through their own catering, but our venue didn’t, which saved us thousands of dollars! All I wanted was to serve was pizza and once I found out our venue let us bring our own food… I was sold.”

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“The only thing I’d change about the day is that I wish I’d gone to bed earlier the night before!” she laughed. “I didn’t go to bed until 2am because I was running around trying to make sure we had everything we needed. Sleep is important!”

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