What Are Save the Dates & Do You Really Need Them? (yes you do and you’ll save 10% on yours with this post!)

August 19, 2015


With people living busier lives than ever, sending a Save the Date for your wedding is pretty much essential. Not only will your friends and family appreciate the heads up, but they’re also a great way to announce your wedding and get everyone excited! While you could just send an email or a text, sending something in the post is a great way to kick off the pre-wedding crafting or to start to think about your theme. Here are some questions you might have before you send yours.

1. Who gets a Save the Date?

When it comes to compiling your wedding guest list, I’d advise that you have an A-list and a B-list. The A-list is people you definitely want to invite (close family and friends), and a B-list is backups in case some people can’t make it (work colleagues, neighbours, extended family). Doing this means that hopefully won’t have any empty seats or uneaten meals that you’ve already paid for!

You should only send Save the Dates you your A-list, aka the people you absolutely want to be there. It would be mightily embarrassing to send someone one, and then not actually extend a formal invitation. It would basically be like uninviting them!


2. How soon should you send your Save the Dates?

As soon as possible, especially if you’re having a summer weekend wedding. Sending Save the Dates means you’re most likely to get ‘first dibs’ on guests that might get invited to more than one wedding on the same day. I’d suggest sending them out as soon as you have your venue booked and your date locked in, at least ix months in advance.

3. What should they say?

Essentially you are just asking people to hold a date for you so it can be as simple as just your names and the date! However it is nice to make them a little bit personal. Think about the theme you’re going for and try and reference it on your Save the Dates. Even if its something as simple as flowers in the colours you hope to have, a string of bunting, or a wooden background. Its nice to add those personal touches.


4. Won’t my guests think this is the formal (and very sparse) invite?

Yes, some might. To avoid any confusion make sure you include somewhere on there the words “formal invite to follow”!

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