Way Up North 2015

February 17, 2015


In early December I received an email from Cole and Jakob of Nordica Photography, inviting me to speak at a wedding photography summit that they were putting on in Stockholm this coming October. It took me approximately 3.5 seconds to reply and say “OMG yes! Where do I sign?!”

Sworn to secrecy, I quietly and internally freaked out about travelling to Sweden to speak to a conference of 500 photographers all about blogging for business… but I was excited. Very goddamn excited.

Then, this month, they slowly started to drip feed their social media with the rest of the line up… and my quiet, internal freak-out became a whole lot louder and more vocal.


I don’t use the term “photography heroes” lightly but I can safely say that most of the amazing speakers I’ll be standing alongside fit squarely into that box. I can’t quite believe I’ve been asked as well. I’m just a weird little blue haired chick who writes about weddings from her spare room!

To say I am honoured to be included in this sure-to-be incredible event, might just be the biggest understatement I’ve ever made. I am exploding with excitement (mixed with a healthy dollop of terror) and I can not wait to hop on that plane!

I will be talking about how wedding photographers can use blogging to progress their businesses – both by getting featured on wedding blogs such as Rock n Roll Bride, and by blogging on their own websites. I will be explaining why I feel it is still a vital tool for all wedding photographers, and sharing my thoughts on where the majority of them go wrong with it. I will also be giving some practical tips to help the attendees fall in love with blogging. Doing it shouldn’t be a chore, but I know that for a lot of wedding photographers it is waaaay down the bottom of their very long to do list!


If you’d like to attend this spectacular two day conference, held at Skandia Theatre in Stockholm (no, that venue doesn’t seem at all intimating does it!?) tickets are currently available at an early adopter price of €395. At the time of writing, half the tickets have already sold so if you would like to come along, hop to it!