Malibu Beach Wedding During a Power Cut

Whitney Chamberlin of Our Labor of Love

February 10, 2015

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A power cut the morning of the wedding might be most couple’s worst nightmare, but Tyler and Jodi embraced it! The wedding was held at a private beach house in Malibu and the lack of power actually made their wedding even more special. Sure, they they had to get a bit creative with some aspects, such as the bride having to air-dry her hair, serving a BBQ for the meal and having no entertainment or music, but it really worked out so well! They even had candles and sparklers at the table which looked amazing!

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“We both have very big families, but neither of us have ever wanted a huge wedding.”, they began. “We went back and forth on the idea of a big wedding and finally decided to stay true to ourselves. We even considered eloping, but realised we still wanted to party and celebrate with the people we love. In the end, we decided to invite only our parents, siblings, and closest friends to share the day. It was stress free, drama free, and ultimately so filled with love!”

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“Our wedding was very relaxed. We didn’t want to feel uncomfortable at our own wedding, so we opted out of a lot of formalities. No bridal parties, no big procession, no stuffiness. We wanted a simple ceremony on the balcony of the house, great food, and awesome conversation with the people we love. The night was casual and filled with belly laughs, beer, margaritas, lots of bear hugs, impromptu sparklers, a cake fight, and temporary tattoos.”

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“Of course the power outage was a big factor of our wedding!”, they continued. “As everything was being set up in the morning a power line went down literally across the street! All the power was shut off in the neighbourhood and the Pacific Coast Highway was closed. Tyler had to walk the wedding cake to the house on the sand and hair and make up couldn’t get there. We had to beg the police to let our guests through, but they were so wonderful and helped us out, there was even a secret wedding password to circumvent traffic! Luckily, the food got through in the nick of time and everything was set up.”

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“We still had a bit of twilight for the ceremony and the sunset was truly magnificent. There was no electricity for music, so everyone sang ‘Here comes the bride’ when we walked out! We got together about a million candles from the gas station across the street and had a legit candle-lit dinner. The food was delicious and it turned out to be awesome.”

“One of my favourite moments was lighting the sparklers at the table”, said Tyler. “Jodi’s mom had the idea to light them at the dinner table, so we each had a few and sparked them up. It looked gorgeous! We forgot that the fire alarm was battery operated, and of course it went off. We were laughing so hard, both our cheeks hurt for days afterwards!”

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“All in all, objectively, just about everything that could have gone wrong, did”, Jodi laughed, “But despite the mishaps, we had the most epic time! We laughed it off, and the night actually ended up better, more exciting, and definitely more hilariously memorable because of the things that didn’t work. It was a celebration we will never forget. We would change absolutely nothing about our wedding day. Even if we could somehow go back and avoid the downed power line, neither of us would. We loved every second of it!”

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