Casual Wedding in Scarborough

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November 12, 2015

£3000 casual Scarborough wedding (25)

Rach and Dan didn’t have a theme for their wedding, they just wanted it to celebrate their love of Scarborough. “We wanted to give our family and friends a good day out at the seaside and show them the highlights of the town”, the bride said. “We had just 42 guests.”

They had a humanist wedding ceremony at Oliver’s Mount in Scarborough. “Oliver’s Mount was a special place for us to get married because Dan’s Granddad’s ashes are scattered there, right where we had the ceremony. It was nice that he could also be with us. We hired traditional deck chairs for the guests to sit on and had our two friends, Jess and Toby play Ukulele.”

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They didn’t want to spend a lot, so they did everything themselves. There was also nothing was traditional about this day; there was no wedding party, they catered themselves by making a picnic for everyone, and going for fish n chips at dinner time! “Our biggest expense was the vintage bus that we hired to transport our guests around Scarborough to the different locations”, Rach explained. “We loved that we had lots of different places to visit planned out for our guests to enjoy. We had a picnic at the beach huts (we rented two of them for a week and they cost us just £58 each!), we went rock pooling, we all went on the cliff lift, and everyone hired row boats and pedaloes in Peasholm Park.”

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“One of my favourite moments was when Dan and I rode on our tandem up to the ceremony. I also loved our rings which were made by local bike frame builders from titanium bike tubing! We are both cyclists and met at a bike race so both of these things were very significant.”

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“My advice to future brides and grooms would be don’t let wedding planning take over your life and stay true to yourselves”, she concluded. “I really wanted the wedding to feel like it was fun for everyone but stayed true to our morals of not being wasteful financially or ethically.”

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