20 Romantic Couples That Will Make You Believe in True Love

February 15, 2015

romanti rocknroll alternative couples

Valentine’s might have officially been yesterday, but in my world every day of the year is an excuse to get all loved up! I challenge you to try not to beam from ear to ear as you look at these gorgeous couples. It’s impossible!

Whatever kind of wedding you’re having – no matter what your theme and how much or how little you spend – the love between the two of you is really all that matters. When you’re freaking out about dress fittings and stressing about guest lists, try to remember that.

Aww ain’t love grand?!

dreamlike backyard wedding

Dream-like backyard wedding


Rustic and autumnal farm wedding


Don’t Tell The Bride wedding at The Forum

quirky vintage countryside wedding

Quirky vintage countryside wedding

travel themed whimsical woodland wedding

Travel themed whimsical woodland wedding

weekend long family wedding

Weekend long family festival wedding


DIY country wedding in Transylvania


Abandoned church wedding costing $1000

funky downtown wedding

Elegant and funky downtown wedding

cmyk wedding

CMYK themed wedding


Incredible queer wedding at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

eco vegan wedding

Eco vegan wedding

freakshow wedding

Beer swilling, hand-fasting, freak show wedding

ocean themed wedding

A wedding inspired by the ocean

dramatic goth wedding

Darkly dramatic gothic themed wedding


Incredible homespun wedding

80s wedding

80s themed wedding!


Short black wedding dress wedding

rainbow same sex wedding

Rainbow wedding in the heart of Niagara 

backyard wedding

Amazing backyard wedding