Why is Shopping for Bridesmaid Dresses Such a Chore?

January 7, 2015

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As a bride, finding that one perfect dress for yourself can be stressful enough, without also having to deal with the overwhelming task of also getting perfect dresses for all your best friends as well.

Bridesmaid dress shopping can seem like an extremely daunting experience, but it doesn’t have to be! As long as you go in prepared and you take the initiative to address some of the most common issues upfront (like budget, and finding something that everyone’s happy with), it can actually be quite a fun experience.

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The other option is to bypass the bridal boutiques and high street completely, and hit the web in search of the perfect gowns. One of the best online stores that I’ve discovered is For Her and for Him.

Not only do this New York company have one of the largest selections of bridesmaid gowns going, but they’re currently having their biggest sale EVER. Until January 31st they are offering 30% off every single dress in their catalogue and FREE worldwide shipping!

There are also group discounts available on top of the sale. The more dresses you buy, the bigger the bulk buy discount. Just check out some of these real wedding examples to see how gorgeous your babes will look!

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Discounts are all well and good, but you have you actually like the dresses too right? Well, there should be no worry about that with For Her and For Him. Their range is so extensive that you’re sure to find something for even your pickiest bridesmaid. Their newly released 2015 range is just as beautiful as their previous best sellers, and yes, they’re all in the sale too!

Shopping for bridesmaid dresses doesn’t have to be a stressful experiences. If you plan in advance you can make the process quick and pain-free. With For Her and For Him, you might even enjoy yourself!

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