On Self Worth

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Photo from Deutscher Hochzeitskongress, aka the German Wedding Congress, that I spoke at in Cologne this weekend! Yes, that was a HUGE audience – 200 people in fact. NO PRESSURE RIGHT?

I’ve had a crazy month. It’s my own fault though. I booked in too many things, over-commited myself too much, and I’ve been run-ragged because of it. Today’s post is short and sweet, partly because of that, but mostly because the message I wanted to pass on to you this week is simple.

I had an epic moment of self-realisation recently: I place a disproportionate amount of self worth on being busy. By that I mean when I’m busy, over-committed and in-demand, I feel better about myself than when I’m not. I’m shit at being bored and I’m useless at doing nothing.

Others of you might put a similar value on how much money you’re earning, or how many Twitter followers you’re gaining… but it’s the same bullshit metric. You are worth so much more than how in demand you are, what’s inside your wallet or the number of people following your updates.

So give yourself a goddamn break this week. You work hard and you bloody well deserve it.*

*And yes, sometimes I write blog posts as a reminder for myself as well as for you guys.



  1. It was such a pleasure to listen to you at the german wedding congress, thank you for beeing there! have to think about your words over and over again…
    Thanks, Saskia

  2. Wow! Perfect timing. My husband was just telling me something along these lines just a few minutes ago. I’m like you, if I’m not super busy then something is wrong with me. It’s the end of a great year, so patting myself on the back and will do my best to enjoy the slow down right now.

  3. “bullshit metric” <—-that is exactly how I feel about those things too. Why do we feel like we constantly have to keep with appearances to give value to our self worth. It's completely frustrating.

    Thanks for the post toady, I needed it.

  4. I totally feel this way about this whole year. I think us photographers can put so much pressure on ourselves with the number of weddings we shoot. I’m taking mine down by almost half next year. I’ve missed my husband, my cat and my sanity too much.


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