Retro Antique Store Wedding: Lydia & Klem

Blue Lace Photography

September 22, 2014


For their April wedding, Lydia and Klem wanted a day that would be unforgettable for their guests. They chose a unique venue, Big Daddy’s Antique’s in San Francisco for their reception. However their ceremony took place two weeks prior and was a small, intimate affair.

“We really enjoyed having our small ceremony completely separate from our reception”, Lydia wrote. “It was simple and sweet. But our vision for our big reception was to have the most fun and memorable cocktail party our guests had ever experienced. The only ‘wedding-y’ things we incorporated were a first dance and the cake cutting… oh! And of course we got to wear our fancy wedding duds for a second time. BONUS!”


“I produced many of the signs and favors myself, and we made the invitations. But the only real DIY piece was my show stopper of a jewel bouquet which a close friend created for me. I had put a post out on Facebook asking for any misfit earrings, buttons, brooches or baubles that my friends and family were willing to donate. The end result was absolutely breathtaking and filled with so much love. It is a masterpiece!”


“The best thing about our wedding was how it really reflected our quirky personalities and offbeat sense of humor. The part we enjoyed the most, however, was seeing all of our family and friends from different aspects of our lives (and different parts of the world) in one room, smiling and genuinely enjoying themselves. Not to mention making our grand entrance down a spiral staircase to Metallica’s ‘Am I Evil’ with fog and lasers. That was also a highlight.”