30 Things to Blog About When You’re Feeling Uninspired

Shell De Mar Photography

September 30, 2014


Blogger’s block happens to the best of us. Instead of staring, blankly at your computer screen, here are 30 things you could write about instead!

1. A recent trip you took

2. A business lesson you learnt

3. Your current obsession

4. Make a mixtape!

5. Share some personal photos

6. Tell a story

7. Free write

8. Answer your reader’s questions

9. Interview someone you admire

10. Create a real life moodboard

11. Share your favourite outfit

12. Run a competition

13. Show us your office!

14. Go for a photo walk

15. Illustrate!

16. Do something scary… and then write about it!

17. Work on a personal project

18. Share a secret

19. Write a poem

20. Review your latest purchase

21. Ask yourself “what do I wish I’d known 5 years ago?”

22. Share a beauty hack

23. Think about your ideal reader, how can you help them?

24. Share what you’re thankful for

25. Share some goals

26. Start a photo a day challenge

27. Make a video!

28. Revisit and then rewrite an old, popular post

29. Link to your favourite bloggers

30. Write about overcoming blogger’s block!