Are Brides Who Wear Glasses Any Less Beautiful?


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Watch any teen movie from the past ten years and you’ll recognise this cliché. In order to get the guy, the heroine, who starts off an ugly duckling, first needs to be transformed into a beautiful swan. Whatever the premise of the film might be, the classic movie makeover formula is tried, tested and invariable. Her hair is tamed, ‘sexy’ clothes are donned, make up applied, glasses removed… How exactly she’s going to see the man of her dreams without that vital accessory never seems to be a concern.

I started to ponder this phenomenon recently while watching The Princess Diaries (don’t judge, it was a rainy Sunday afternoon!) As Mia’s glasses are viciously snapped in two by her stylist, I wondered if that also meant she’d be frame-free if she ever got married. Well, of course she would, I reasoned, she’d be a princess by then, and princesses don’t wear glasses.

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If you wear specs yourself, then whether or not you’re going to have them on your face at your wedding will undoubtedly be discussed at some point. People will start to innocently ask you about contacts or laser treatment. Yet if it’s your groom that’s bespectacled I doubt he’ll get the same questions. When men wear glasses they’re considered dashing, smart and sexy. Girls, on the other hand, are always encouraged to remove their frames in order to look their most beautiful.

Wearing glasses does not make you quirky, geeky or nerdy, it just means your eyeballs do not work as well as other people’s. It’s not right to judge anyone, either positively or negatively, for this unavoidable deformity. Tattoos and piercings are considered by many as beautiful, and what we choose to wear says a lot about who we are. I expect that the majority of you would be in agreement with me that self expression is sexy.

So why is it so hard for the movie and wedding industries to find beauty in a girl’s choice to wear glasses instead of contacts?


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I’ve always been very ‘safe’ with my choice of frames, not wanting to draw even more attention to myself. But I’ve recently started to realise that that’s just plain stupid. People are going to stare anyway, right? I might as well have fun with it! I love my ridiculous accessories so why have I been avoiding playing up what was right in front of my face (literally!) for so long?

If you to want to embrace what the right pair of statement frames can make to your bridal ensemble, then I’ve done some fantasy shopping for you. After all, I didn’t just want this post to be a big old rant!

The retro bride


Miu Miu






The colourful bride





Miu Miu


Dolce & Gabbana

The modern bride


michael kors

Michael Kors




Dolce & Gabbana

The hipster bride





Dolce & Gabbana



Damn, those sparkly Miu Miu’s need to be mine. I’d totally buy those and get the dark lenses replaced with clear prescription ones! HELL YES.

So tell me, are you wearing glasses on your big day?


  1. I’m getting married this upcoming weekend and I wear glasses on a daily basis to improve my vision. I’m not super blind so I could get away with taking them off for the big day, but I’m having such a hard time trying to figure out what to do.

    Everyone is encouraging me to ditch them because of the “beautiful” factor and I can see what they’re saying, glasses can be distracting and hide your eyes I also wear them every single day so they are very much so a part of my appearance. Its a very hard decision and I don’t want to regret my choice looking back later.

  2. Emily

    Only a little bit short-sighted, so my glasses will go on for speeches but stay off the rest of the day – this is how I’d use my glasses on any other day so I don’t see why my wedding day should be any different. I am getting flak from people who think wearing a watch on my wedding day will be silly – why would I not? I like to be able to tell the time, I find it uncomfortable to have that weight missing from my arm and I don’t want to show off my watch tan.

  3. Adi

    We got married in November and my glasses were, as ever, on my face. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 4 years old, I don’t think I look like me when I don’t have them on and you know, I need them! Only one of my friends asked whether I was going to take them off for it and I was slightly taken aback because it never even entered my mind and besides, it was a good excuse to go get new ones 🙂
    When my daughter was a flowergirl at her aunt’s wedding, they made her take her specs off, it gave her a complex about them and for a little while after, it was a battle to get them on her face, so yeah, that pissed me off. It was a completely irresponsible thing for them to do, she wears them because she needs them and on a slightly fickle note, in the photos I saw, she was squinting!
    The long and short of it is, it’s you and your partner’s day, do and wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, not what other people think you should because other people, although well meaning, are idiots!

  4. Jyoti

    I think my face is boring without my glasses, so I will definitely be wearing mine!

    I’ve always worn funky glasses, so to be without them would make me more self-conscious than wearing them!

    I will say this though, having been a wedding guest wearing glasses with reactions lenses, I will definitely have plain lenses for my own wedding. The slightest bit of sun causes the glasses to go dark and I feel terrible that it looks like I’m wearing sunnies in my friend’s wedding photos. Something I will definitely change for my wedding!

  5. Yes I’m wearing mine for my wedding next Friday! Can’t see a thing without them, been wearing them for 16 years. Can’t wear contacts or have laser eye due to a stigmatism. But ppl keep suggesting it which is very irritating.

  6. As wedding photographers, if our brides ask for advice regarding their glasses we tell them to do whatever will make them feel the most comfortable on the day. If you always wear glasses and they are part of your ‘look’ then, yes – why wouldn’t you also wear them on your wedding day? The last thing you want is to look back at your own wedding photos and think you look odd because you don’t have your glasses on!

    We only ask brides to consider wearing different glasses if they have lenses that react to sunlight, otherwise it can look like you have sunglasses on and we won’t be able to see your eyes in the photos!

  7. Bex

    I wear glasses every day, so there was no question that I’d wear them on the big day! However I have decided to leave them off for the ceremony, only because I know that I’ll be tearful and it’ll be awkward to keep taking them off to sort it out! But as soon as the I dos are done they’ll be straight back on. It’s kind of similar to the way that people assumed that I would grow my hair out for the day (I have a chin length bob). Nope! I want to look like me in the photos <3

  8. I am very short sighted and have been wearing glasses since I was 10 years old. I feel like myself with glasses, they are part of my face. However on my wedding day I decided to ditch them in favour of daily contact lenses. It’s what made me feel more comfortable, beautiful and glamorous and I would make the same choice again and again. I don’t think there is a universal approach to this, it’s all about what makes you feel good!

  9. Anne-Marie Lennox

    Thank you so much for this article! I have particularly bad eyesight that even wearing contact lenses doesn’t 100% correct. I have considered wearing contacts for my wedding ceremony and just not being able to see as like you say that’s what is assumed. After talking to my fiancé I have decided to wear my glasses all day as like he says that’s who I am and what I look like. Now I’m looking forward to getting some new funky frames for the big day even though I have been asked why I’d want to be a specky 4 eyes on my wedding day?!x

  10. Amy

    Absolutely I’m wearing my glasses! I’ve worn them nearly my whole life and I’m blind without them. I had an incident with contacts a few years ago so I don’t wear them but really I wouldn’t want to. My glasses are awesome and part of me.
    I always make sure to have an anti-glare coating on the lenses as this really helps in photos, you can see my eyes behind them. I’d recommend that to anyone with full time glasses!

  11. Rachael

    I think they look good if you’re going for an alternative look. If you’re wearing a totally mainstream dress and you’re wearing your dated glasses that you’ve had for the last 6 years… no way!

  12. It is so interesting to hear all these different stories! Our general feeling is if you wear them all the time, well it is just an excuse to treat yourself to another pair! If you float between contacts and specs, wearing what makes you feel the best on the day is the best general rule of thumb. Love the styles you chose! xxx

  13. Hayley

    I treated myself to some leopard print Karen Millens for our big day 5 weeks ago. I didn’t wear them ’til the big day so they felt special. People just assumed I was wearing contact lenses, (I haven’t worn them for years), just because I was getting married. When I told them I was wearing leopard print they either had a look of shock or just thought I was joking!
    My glasses are a big part of me – I feel naked without them. My husband (eek! now I can say that!) prefers me with glasses as that’s how he’s always known me. In my opinion your wedding day is a reflection of you as a couple – it shouldn’t be copied and pasted white chair covers and red roses from a bridal magazine, but should be what you both like. I couldn’t be more pleased with my wedding photos of me in my specs. 🙂
    (see photographer Sharon Cooper’s blog for photos):)

  14. Jo stewart

    I am a late bloomer with glasses and have found I have a love for the big geek specs. With this however I’m a lover of the cat eye and the bright colours. I can see in on my wedding day, having a few pairs to change with for the day 🙂 nothing wrong with being a bit adventurous!

  15. Sascha Hurrell

    My wedding is not until 2016 but some friends and family have already asked “Are you wearing glasses?” They seem to think that no glasses with look better. I’ve worn glasses every day for around 10 years and it is now definitely part of my look. I found a pair of lovely retro frames from a Brooklyn Flee market earlier this year and I absolutely love them! So why wouldn’t I wear them on my wedding day? If anything, it will make the whole outfit even more unique…and that’s what I plan to tell anyone who asks in future!

  16. Personally I think I look much nicer without my glasses, so I happily wore contact lenses on my wedding day! If I wasn’t able to wear contacts for some reason, though, I would definitely have worn my glasses – being able to see is obviously the most important thing! I never even thought there were brides running around not able to see – I just assumed everyone went for contacts like I did!
    I wear contacts about a quarter of the time, anyway, for going out and special occasions.

  17. Gemma Goddon

    I got married 3 weeks ago and wore my glasses with pride. I have had to wear glasses full time from the age of 2 and would never have considered ditching them for the ‘big day’. It actually really bugged me the amount of people that asked if I would be wearing contacts on the day, implying that I would of course, look better without my glasses (despite the fact I wear them everyday to see, go figure!). If a bride was in a wheelchair would people be as blatant and say ‘ditch your wheels for the big day’ – no of course not and the same applies with glasses, when they are needed for medical reasons they are apart of you and should be respected as such. Nuff said. Incidentally I went for the hipster bride look. Be your bespectacled self ladies and be proud!

  18. Sarah Hopkins

    Hi Kat,
    Thanks so much for this, I get married in less than 4 weeks (eeek) and have been facing this dilemma. I have worn glasses full time for a decade and can’t picture myself without, a few wears ago I got self conscious and wore contacts but have for a year or 2 stopped. I love my glasses, they’re part of who I am so I shall be wearing them on my big day and glad to see others doing the same, encourages me that it’s the right decision!

  19. Ashleigh

    I’ve had to wear glasses all day, every day since I was 13 years old, and I hate wearing glasses! When my time comes, I will be getting my eyes lasered so I don’t have to debate this.

    On a day when you are supposed to feel your most beautiful, you should do whatever it is you need to feel beautiful. In my case, ditching the glasses will help!

  20. Matt

    Male opinion here: I think glasses on women are sexy, all the brides looked great, especially the green haired beauty and her glasses, I think her frame style is hottest of all.

  21. Kate

    Thank you so much for this article. I got married in a May and I had a very difficult time with people making me feel ugly with glasses. I was shocked that beautiful could only be perceived through perfect eyesight! I’ve worn glasses since I was little and many people have never seen me without them, I always thought a bridal look should be a more beautiful version of you, I didn’t realise people thought this meant without glasses.
    I have a big phobia of anything eye related so contacts were a no go. I didn’t want a statement pair of glasses on my wedding day I wanted something elegant as I have a petite face. I didn’t realise how hard it was to find such a thing, when I explained to opticians they were for my wedding their response was “what about contacts?”-perfect way to make me feel special! There is definitely a market for bridal eyewear! Xx

  22. kim

    Im getting married in 2 weeks..and i have been wearing glasses since i was 7 years. I have never been without them. Many friends and relatives have been telling me to ditch my glasses. But without them i dont look like me and dont feel like me at all. So i plan on wearing them on my big day and i got new frames for that. I know its our day and not other people’s. We should do watever we like. 🙂


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