The Blogcademy: Live from Vancouver!

Made U Look Photography

June 10, 2014

made u look blogcademy

This morning I hosted an hour long Q&A livestream with my Blogcademy babes from our Vancouver apartment. We recorded the whole thing, so if you want to re-watch it in your own time, or you weren’t able to tune in live, you can right now!

If you’ve ever wondered how to grow your blog readership, what our favourite Photoshop tools are, or what the best ways to keep your social media active are, then press play on the video below. We answered all these questions – and way more!

We now have a few more days to explore Vancouver before flying to Calgary for our next in-person workshop over the weekend. YAY!

P.S. Want to win a Blogcademy goodie bag? Instagram a photo of you watching our livestream and tag it #theblogcademy. We’ll be giving away a branded tote bulging with treats to the person who posts our favourite image. You have until Tuesday 17th to enter. Good luck!