Sack the Cheesy Wedding DJ

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I’m not a big dancer (well, in public) but one thing I am a super fan of is some seriously good music to get a party started. While having dancing at your wedding may or may not be top at the list of your priorities, having some damn fine entertainment certainly should be.

But knowing where to start on your wedding entertainment hunt can be a daunting prospect, especially if you’re not one of those people who goes to see live bands a lot. Which is why I’m so thrilled that companies like Function Central exist. They list a plethora of awesome entertainers all in one place, making it easy as pie to search for, and find, the perfect performers for your wedding.

Dancing completely optional of course.

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Hand-selected by Function Central’s team of experts, they only list acts they truly believe are great. From live bands to DJs to solo performers of all kinds they’re sure to represent someone you’ll want to hire for your wedding! They also have a fast-expanding roster of alternative, vintage, and unusual acts. Everything from bluegrass, ska and honky tonk to 20s Charleston, retro-kitsch and Bavarian oompah. This makes me very happy indeed!

The site offers an easy way of searching across hundreds of amazing acts, and you can sort by price, genre and location, meaning it’s super duper easy to narrow down to the ones right for you. They even have live music experts are on hand to provide advice and support at every stage of the booking process.

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No matter what kind of entertainment you choose, it’s important to keep in mind the number one rule of weddings: pick something you love. A cheesy wedding DJ should not be what you have to resort to! That way, you and your guests are sure to have a whale of a time… and you’ll probably even get the dance-a-phobes like me pulling some questionable shapes into the wee hours!



  1. Great to see some press on alternative entertainment other than the mainstream. Most couples I see getting married in their late twenties and thirties want a good deal of indie, rock, blues, electro swing, jazz, etc, which I am more than happy to offer, as I am a great fan of it myself, and I have stacks of it.

    However, they also want to please their families and guests which commonly means offering a compromise and playing some pop!! Their families might well have paid for the event anyway!

    It’s a bad host that alienates their guests by demanding only their taste in music be played. All too sadly I see that happen and against my recommendation. And this in cases where people have traveled large distances, shelled out a lot of money on food, clothes, accommodation etc and possibly organised babysitters etc.

    So yes I, and probably many DJs, can play alternative sets of music but it comes with a ‘health’ warning!! Please don’t label us Cheesy DJs. Quite often DJs are only playing what the client, and their guests, have asked for.

    I don’t expect you will publish this in full and unedited but well done you for you do.

    DJ Jules

  2. I’m in an ‘alternative’ acoustic duo called The Hornbeams and we blimmin’ love all the alternative weddings we’ve performed at. It’s SO nice to be able to throw in a Radiohead, Metallica or No Doubt song to an appreciative audience! I seem to get more and more requests from bride and grooms looking for something a bit different for their day, it’s good to know not everyone wants to hear Adele!

  3. Here here! A good DJ makes for good times and amazing photographs! Think on and make the ‘good choice’! This is an amazingly important part of your day… night….

  4. Oh, what a cool idea for a website. Finding a great music option can be really tough, great idea to have a directory! I’ll definitely point my couples that way when they ask for recommendations. Thanks for featuring a couple of my pictures dude 🙂

  5. Speaking as as DJ who does 80-100 weddings per year, the notion of the “alternative music” wedding is something I hear from time to time. In each and every case, we always carefully arrange the music the client has requested. We treat the event with the utmost of care and respect for the clients wishes and in each and EVERY case where we’ve had this request it has FALLEN FLAT.

    If your event is attended solely by guests where each have at least half their bodies in tattoos, with multiple ear/nose/tongue/eyebrow piercings (like in the pic), then you MIGHT have a chance of this working. Take it from an actual, working pro at this game though that if you have any semblance of “normal” people who will be at your event, it’s going to suck and suck badly.

    Yes, I realize this is YOUR wedding but you should also keep in mind that your wedding is for the enjoyment of everyone in attendance. Your entertainment choices should cater to them, every bit as much as it does to you, personally.

    Or you can just have a sucky wedding reception. Your choice.


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